How to select the best outdoor pub furniture

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As part of the government’s current roadmap out of lockdown, pubs, restaurants and other eateries will be able to open again for outdoor services on 12th April (and for indoor services on 17th May) at the very earliest. 

During the first lockdown last summer, new legislation from the government allowed these venues to apply for planning permission to extend their outdoor space to the pavement; this scheme is set to remain in place until 30th September 2021.  

Not only does this cost less than £100 and takes less than 10 days to finalise (which is much quicker and requires significantly less paperwork that normal), but it also means that these businesses can continue to run safely and enjoyably – especially now that summer is on the way! 

This does, however, raise a question: How can you choose the best outdoor pub furniture for your establishment that not only keeps everyone safe but reflects your brand and utilises your outdoor space to the max?

To help, we’ve written the following blog which features some hints and tips on how to select the best items for your outdoor space:

outdoor pub furniture

How to choose the best outdoor pub furniture

1. Decide whether you want a revamp, or to buy new

It could be that you have enough outside furniture for your outdoor space already. However, some items may have suffered in the winter weather.

Perhaps you were unable to store these pieces inside, and you’re wondering whether or not you can refurbish these items and make it through another summer season, or if it’s time to buy from scratch. Only you can determine this.

However, do make sure that your furniture is safe! The last thing you want is a customer sitting on a faulty or unsafe piece of outdoor pub furniture.

Of course, you must also bear in mind that the state of your furniture, either inside or outside your venue, is reflective of your brand. The last thing you want is your customers judging you on your pub/restaurant solely on your shabby furniture.

2. Plan for your current or extended space

As so many of our previous blogs have highlighted, it’s really important to make sure you plan your space before putting your credit card into action. The government’s new legislation is a great way to get started, but there’s also a little more planning you’ll have to consider.

It may be that you’re only in need of a few new outdoor items, or you may be revamping your whole space. Whatever your requirement, plan every inch of space.

This means you won’t under/over order. You will have the perfect pub furniture and the right amount of outdoor pub furniture for your outdoor area, without overdoing it.

It also means that you’ll be compliant with social distancing measures and won’t have to worry about striking the right balance between safety and losing revenue.

3. Choosing items for your outdoor areas

There are many items to consider when ordering your outdoor pub furniture and these include tables and chairs, picnic tables, bar stools and of course the all-important… umbrellas. It may be summer, but being the UK, you never know when rainclouds might make an appearance!

Of course, once you’ve planned your area, you’ll have more of an idea of which of these items will fit the best. It’s always important to try and get stackable items if possible too so that you can store them away should you need to.

outdoor pub furniture

4. Deciding on materials

Below we explore what we feel to be some of the best materials for long-lasting, safe and durable outdoor furniture.

We’ve listed the materials which will not only survive the elements and ensure longevity from your pub furniture, but are also quick and easy to clean, ensuring that you can keep your outdoor area as COVID-19-resilient as possible:


For us, aluminium is a great choice for outdoor furniture. It is rust-proof and will last the test of time. You can rest assured that it will not rust or fade when exposed to even the harshest of weather types, be it snow or blistering sunshine.

Aluminium has some great antibacterial properties too, so it’s a great choice for keeping your outside areas clean amidst the pandemic!


The beauty of rattan is that you can leave it outside all winter without covers and it won’t spoil in any way. It doesn’t fade in the heat nor mould or spoil in the wet. And, what’s more, most rattan pieces come with washable cushions which are generally showerproof.


There are many types of wooden furniture suitable for the outdoors including teak, oak and cherry etc. Which one you go for is generally down to budget. However, what you must remember to do is treat them to keep them resistant to any kind of harsh weather and climate conditions.


Plastic furniture is lightweight and requires little to no maintenance. It’s resistant to moisture, doesn’t produce mildew and stands up to outdoor elements without the need for sealants or varnish.

It’s also very affordable and comes in a wide variety of colours, plus it can be made to look like other materials, whilst – once again – also being super-easy to clean!

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about!

Planning your outdoor space in a COVID-19/post-COVID-19 world is going to take more than just plonking a few picnic tables outside your establishment. You need strong, durable contract pub furniture to ensure you’re not buying over and over again unnecessarily.

And don’t forget, outdoor pub furniture has come a long way and now features some really trendy designs. This means that there’s no reason it will look out of place inside your venue as well!

Be sure to have a look at the outdoor furniture we have available so you can start planning your outdoor space now.

outdoor pub furniture

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