Commercial furniture 21/10/2021
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Read this blog to discover how to approach lighting in the different areas of your hotel, and how our hotel furnishings wholesale company can help you boost the impact of this even more with our complementary furniture selection.  Lighting directly influences your customers’ experience.   Lighting within hotels varies dramatically from lighting within office environments, retail stores and other locations. Moreover, the lighting for the different parts of a hotel varies from area to area.   Understanding the benefits of using appropriate lighting in your hotel enables you to make an informed decision regarding the implementation, placement and variety of the lighting that... Read More

A modern restaurant terrace in the summer with matching restaurant furniture design 05/10/2021
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The Psychology of Restaurant Design Revealed

In this blog, we share the different features of a restaurant that designers apply psychological theories to in order to encourage different guest feelings and behaviours, from lighting to restaurant furniture design and beyond…  The design of a restaurant doesn’t just ‘happen’. It’s a cleverly thought-out process, from the shape and comfort of the restaurant chairs to the colour of the walls and cleverly placed lighting.   A designer will go to great lengths to get the exact psychology of the restaurant right. From getting the best contract furniture to creating the perfect atmosphere, there’s a lot... Read More

contemporary cafe furniture 21/09/2021
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How to turn your café into a successful remote or co-working space

In this blog, we explore the boom in flexible working, why cafés and coffee shops are such popular remote working locations, and how you can make the most of this phenomenon with contemporary café furniture, top tech, great food and more at your venue…  With an incredible 63% of UK employees now working flexibly, gone are the days of the standard 9-5!   In recent years – and particularly following the coronavirus pandemic – employers have smartened up to the fact that flexible working is all about work/life balance, and are consequently offering alternative solutions to their employee’s hours and working locations.   As... Read More

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National Hospitality Day

Lets support the places we love The hospitality industry serves as a major contributor to the UK economy, employing 2.9 million people and generating £130bn in economic activity – Also an industry which has been one of the sectors most severely impacted by government restrictions and lockdowns throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. From pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants to hotels, B&B’s, cafes and many more, no business has been left unscathed. The story behind the figures Hospitality is at the centre of every community and, as a result, has been sorely... Read More

pub furniture 17/08/2021
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How to choose the right pub furniture to turn your patrons into regulars

What image comes to mind when you think of your local pub?  A warm, inviting place to catch up with family and friends? Your old favourite regular pitstop on the way home at the end of a busy week at work?  Whether you favour the most modern contract pub furniture, or a more “shabby-chic” aesthetic, your choice of pub furniture and ambience has a lot to do with how patrons feel when they first come into your venue.  Did you know, however, that it will also have a lasting effect on whether or not they frequent your pub on a regular basis?  With... Read More

Restaurant furniture 17/06/2021
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5 Restaurant Furniture Trends and Ideas for Your Venue This Summer

Summer’s well and truly on the way…   And although spring has got off to a shaky start, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months. If you run a hospitality venue, you will be thinking of ways to increase your footfall and make the most of your establishment.   At Eclipse Furniture, we love staying on top of the latest restaurant furniture trends and sharing them with hospitality businesses to help their venues stand out from the crowd.   So, with that in mind, we’ve listed some great indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture ideas for the coming summer below for you to try out!   For your outdoor... Read More

The inside of a hospitality venue with a wooden restaurant furniture design, tiled floor and brickwork bar 07/06/2021
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6 steps for successfully re-branding your restaurant

So, you’re thinking of re-branding your restaurant… But why? Do you feel as if your entire offering could do with a re-think or is your space feeling a little worse for wear? Whatever your motivation, it’s important you get it right and make the right decisions along the way to ensure your budget is taken care of and spent in the right areas.   From your menu to your restaurant furniture design and general interior, the following blog details the steps you should take if a re-brand is a priority for you this... Read More

Restaurant furniture 11/05/2021
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5 top tips to maximise your table turnover

In the “casual dining” restaurant industry, table turnover rate is tricky to master, in so far as you want to seat as many parties as possible per meal service.  In fact, the aim is to turn each table around every hour and a half. However, what you don’t want is to compromise your service or make your customers feel rushed or, in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions surrounding it, unsafe.   Equally, you don’t want diners staying for longer than expected as this can negatively affect the flowrate and have a knock-on effect to your bottom line.   So, in... Read More

Pub furniture 09/03/2021
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How to select the best outdoor pub furniture

Pub, anyone? As part of the government’s current roadmap out of lockdown, pubs, restaurants and other eateries will be able to open again for outdoor services on 12th April (and for indoor services on 17th May) at the very earliest.  During the first lockdown last summer, new legislation from the government allowed these venues to apply for planning permission to extend their outdoor space to the pavement; this scheme is set to remain in place until 30th September 2021.   Not only does this cost less than £100 and takes less than 10 days to finalise (which is much quicker and requires significantly less paperwork that normal), but it also means that these... Read More