What if we told you that you can make an extra £44000 per week over the Christmas period? You might think it’s unbelievable, but we’ve done the maths. Adding extra covers and welcoming more customers into your business throughout the festivities can boost your profits massively. It’s never been easier to increase revenue during the Christmas season!

A survey by Bidfood found that:

  • One third of the UK population plan to increase their time in pubs, bars, and restaurants during the festive season.
  • These people, on average, spend £40.75 per person on food and drink.
  • 44% of people plan to eat out at least once per week during the festive season in a bid to increase social activity and spend more time with friends and family.

Let’s take a look at how much you can maximise profit based on the average spend discovered by Bidfood. On average, a restaurant could turn three tables per day – for more information on how to optimise table turnover, visit this OpenTable blog.

Using the average spend discovered by Bidfood and the table turnover stated by OpenTable, even adding two tables of four could increase your income by £5,868 per week.

Now, let’s explore how you can increase covers during the festive period. We got out our tape measures and took to the showroom to see how much space you would need to add extra covers. Here’s what we found:

  • An average two seater table with chairs measures 70cm x 140cm.
  • An average four seater table for chairs measures 120cm x 140cm.
  • An average six seater table with chairs measures 180cm x 140cm.

Most pubs, bars, and restaurants will be at capacity with little room for extra covers, which is why we encourage you to consider adding marquees to your outdoor area. Depending on the size of your outside space and the marquee or cover that you decide on, you can almost double your indoor capacity. Why not read our top tips for creating a cosy experience for your customers.

The figures below give you an idea of increased weekly revenue based on a six day week:

  • Five four seater tables: £14,670.
  • 10 four seater tables: £29,340.
  • Five six seater tables: £22,005.
  • 10 six seater tables: £44,010.

So, how can you increase restaurant profits this Christmas?

Hopefully we have helped you understand how to increase revenue during the Christmas season by adding covers to your venue. We recommend increasing your covers both indoor and outdoors to welcome maximum numbers of customers during the festive period. You should also consider optimising your table turnover and striking the right balance between turnover and customer experience.

If you’re considering increasing your covers this Christmas, take a look at our recommended products here.

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