Why you should match your menu to your restaurant furniture

Each and every restaurant has a brand, a style and a concept. And, the winning formula for any restaurant is when all elements come together and work in harmony with one another. And so, it’s important to think clearly about what you’re trying to achieve from your restaurant (working with restaurant furniture suppliers) and who you’re trying to attract. You can then plan your setting, including décor, restaurant dining tables, other furniture and your menu, even intricacies such as staff uniform, lighting, music and much much more. So how can you match your restaurant furniture to your menu and vice versa? This blog takes four dining experiences and explains how…

Fast food
Fast food establishments do exactly what it says on the tin – They serve food quickly and consumer turnaround is also quick. As a result, the whole experience is more basic than with other dining options. Food may include burgers, chips, fried chicken, noodles or sandwiches and these are generally pre-cooked. It attracts customers for its speed, convenience and cheap prices. More often than not, you see kiosks, benches and simple restaurant dining tables and chairs for customers to be seated and there will be lots of them with very little space between tables. They feature the most uncomfortable items of furniture within the marketplace as the aim is to move customers on as quickly as possible. Generally designs are plain and in fitting with the brand. It’s all about customer turnover.

Generally music is loud, colours bold – a high use of red, yellow and green (all colours which arouse appetite) and also lighting will be bright. So, as you can see, the environment here truly reflects the food on offer.

restaurant dining tables

Fine dining
At the other end of the spectrum we have fine dining establishments, whereby customer turnaround is slow and the whole experience is based on every angle of customer service, from the quality and presentation of the food, the range of decadent drinks, to the choice of restaurant furniture and room layout.

Furniture will vary and can be ornate, stylish or contemporary; far from plain, simple or basic. The space between restaurant dining tables will be vast and the furniture will be luxurious and decadent, ensuring customers are extremely comfortable. More often than not, tables for 2 or 4 will feature with the ability to draw numerous tables together for larger parties. Lighting will be low and subtle and music will be relaxed and quiet.

Picture a plate of food in a fine dining establishment – it’s all about quality, not quantity and the presentation will be divine – And so your choice of furniture and décor needs to work in harmony with this, so as to create the best overall atmosphere for this type of environment.

In the UK, we celebrate menus from all around the world, including Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Japanese…..the list is endless. However, all of these cultures major in different areas and focus on their traditions. However, what you do therefore tend to see is a very traditional use of furniture.

There are just too many cultures and types of restaurant to talk about here, so take for example an Indian restaurant….More often than not tables will be set-up for party sizes between 2 and 8. Restaurant dining tables for 2/4 are perfect for this as you can easily push them together, making your venue extremely versatile. In this type of environment you will see traditional items of furniture, think dark woods and ornate structures. It’s not often that you walk into this type of venue to find a stark arrangement of contemporary items and why? Because the food on offer is traditional to that specific culture and therefore this is reflected in their surroundings.

Brasserie and Gastropub
These types of eateries have been on the up for the last decade and so are a modern concept. When I hear either of these words the vision I conjure up includes style, comfort, and contemporary surroundings. The food is cool and quirky and the drinks list varied and funky. Over the last 5 years or so and still continuing, the ‘industrial revolution’, as restaurant furniture suppliers call it, has overtaken this type of venue. Settings are bursting at the seams with pipework, Stainless steel, copper, brass, vintage leathers and industrial lighting. Colours are dark and warm and so the aesthetic experience is fantastic.

More often than not larger parties dine together and so comfortable contemporary chairs and tables are perfect. Couple this with a warming and delicious gastro-experience, the two marry-up brilliantly and the whole dining experience is one of walking away from a great setting with a belly full of food and very satisfied customers.

There are so many different types of restaurant, we just don’t have the space here to talk about all of them here, however, we hope this has given a flavour of how you can marry your menu to your restaurant furniture and overall restaurant style to create a brand with impact.

restaurant dining tables

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