Design trends come and go but when you perfectly incorporate them into your venue style and brand they become a timeless reminder of style. Each business has its own unique style so the way you choose to use trendy pieces will differ and set each venue apart. In many cases, customers want to feel swept away to experience out-of-this-world service that gives them a break from the reality of everyday life. The décor is a huge part of this experience. Many factors come into play when creating this, but we truly believe that décor sits at the centre.

So, whether you choose to adopt them or you have something else in mind, here are our top five design trends for 2023.

1. Golden tones

Pleasantly warm and luxurious accents are predicted to rise this year, whether it’s seen on chairs or wallpaper. Gold is such a bold colour that it inspires optimism, which is a much-needed feeling after a few turbulent years through the global pandemic. If gold isn’t quite your colour you could try incorporating vintage yellows into your colour scheme.

An extra tip: for high traffic areas why not consider a wipeable paint to ensure longevity and tidiness?

2. Accent chairs

The beauty of low-level single armchairs has been overlooked in recent years but not for much longer! Accent chairs are typically a lot more decorative than the standard side chair or armchair and they’re used in interior design to create a visual point of difference. They help to pull together different parts of the décor with their colour, shape, and sometimes even their material.

3. Luxe lighting

Lights that ooze contemporary and luxe styles with hints of old and new are coming in this summer. The luxe style uses hints of precious metals, exotic timber, reflective surfaces, velvet, and silk. It’s elegant and dramatic. Luxe lighting could feature glimmering gold or brass to catch the eye and add a luxurious flourish to any aesthetic.

From lamps to chandeliers, these lights are unique and stylish and making a comeback this year.

4. Wicker

Natural rattan, reeds, and wicker are coming back this year giving appreciation to nature and calm tones. This is an excellent way for venues to incorporate texture into design. We’ve seen quite a few buzzwords recently like Scandi, minimalism, Boho, and biophilic with each referring to the same sense of nature and sustainability. There is no material that suits this style better than wicker or rattan.

If you want the rattan effect with a more durable and sustainable material, look no further than our rattan polypropylene sets!

5. Darker wood

In the past couple of years, we have seen a lot of people opting for a light coastal style of wood in their interiors. In 2023 we predict more designers and businesses to opt for a more moody style with dark wood in rich colours.

One great way to jump on this design trend is to opt for large statement pieces of décor, like dark wooden tables tops for example. You can keep dark and light tones balanced by complimenting these tables with lighter chairs. Try blending the wood with other inviting textures like wool, stone décor, or even hanging plants!

Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions, queries or for a quote. We’d be happy to help!