Tips for maintaining your pub furniture

The overall look of your pub (or any other venue for that matter) reflects your brand, your style and your character. And, the condition of your furnishings, both internal and external, will have a significant impact on your customers and whether or not they return to your establishment. Cleanliness and décor are extremely important considerations for patron satisfaction and it’s hugely important to ensure your pub furniture is fresh, clean, comfortable and sturdy. 

Buying contract furniture is a big initial outlay and so it’s important you get it right and that’s why buying contract furniture as opposed to domestic furniture in the first place is an absolute must. Commercial furniture is designed to withstand the many stresses and strains placed upon it in busy venues. Quality durable contract furniture is extremely hard-wearing, however, will require maintenance on occasion and excessive use and poor maintenance can lead to your furniture becoming grubby and unsafe.

Regular inspections
To keep on top of your pub furniture maintenance and ensure long-term durability, make sure you schedule monthly inspections from the outset. We’d actually recommend more regular checks on furniture which is situated in high usage areas and in particular outdoor furniture which is exposed to the elements.

Making small yet regular adjustments can make a world of difference to the shelf-life of your pub furniture, as well as ensuring a better and safer customer experience. At each inspection, consider the following:

  1. Make sure all tables and chairs are stable with no wobbles – No customer likes a wobbly leg!
  2. If you have purchased any pieces of furniture which require any type of self-assembly, make sure any screws are tight. Welded pieces are obviously a lot less prone to loose joints and so perfect for contract furniture.
  3. Examine table tops for sway by putting force onto the top with two hands. If there’s any movement, make sure the table top is attached to the base properly.
  4. Check any upholstery for rips or stains. It’s best to repair even a small tear as soon as you can before they get any larger.
  5. Inspect plastic feet on tables and chairs to ensure they’re not damaged.
  6. If you have to move your furniture, try not to drag it as this can cause significant damage
  7. Put aside or discard any items that may present a risk to customers

Cleaning your furniture

Many of the materials used in contract furniture are easy to care for. Most manufacturers will provide their own specific care instructions but below we’ll give you some hints and tips on looking after specific materials as they all respond differently to care. And it’s really important to ensure your staff are trained-up on what to use as you will then be able to avoid damage to your pub furniture.

Most stains can be easily treated using a damp cloth but it’s important to treat them immediately so the drink/foodstuff doesn’t settle into the fabric.Some materials will need specialist cleaning products, however, before spraying-on a visible area, it’s worth testing on a non-visible area to check that it doesn’t damage the area. Make sure you blot the stain before applying water or a cleaning solution and dab at the stain as opposed to rubbing as this can embed the stain further into the fabric fibres. Vacuum dust and crumbs and dried on food with a soft bristle brush.

Place upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight and away from any radiators if possible as this may discolour the fabric and remember that material on furniture can easily absorb odours and so if possible, keep them away from the kitchen and ensure effective ventilation.

Any spillages can be cleaned with a damp cloth – what’s important to note here is NEVER use a detergent. Make sure you use gentle strokes and then repeat using clean water. Periodic professional cleaning is recommended.

Chrome makes a bar or eating area look fabulous but only when it’s highly polished. Wipe down daily to remove dust and clean regularly with your product to maintain shine. If there are any spillages or fluid is left to dry on this type of pub furniture, rust spots may appear. Never fear, these can be removed simply by crumpling up aluminium foil and dipping it in water to and rubbed against the spot.

Clean with mild soap/detergent and water and make sure any excess is removed. All of our aluminium chairs are rust proof which makes them ideal for outdoor or indoor use.

You have to remember that wood is a natural product and so there will always be a variation in colour. Wood will age with time and this will be accelerated when exposed to sunlight. Wood products can be cleaned with a water soluble solution to remove any build-up of grease and grime and make sure you remove any excess water immediately and never use abrasive cleaners.Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Many wood products also require a periodic wax for added protection.

Umbrella shades
Most commercial umbrella shades are treated with a Scotch Guard type product to reduce stains and prevent mildew, but if not, you can always apply after purchase. Avoid dirt being embedded into the fabric by wiping off loose dirt regularly and spot-clean with a soft-bristled brush, mild soap, and cold water as soon as a spill occurs to prevent staining.

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Glass and mirror
Can be cleaned using a specific glass cleaner, or simply use vinegar on a cloth to remove streaks. Never use water as will dry possibly even worse than when you started!

Polished or laminated surfaces should be cleaned using a damp cloth (with mild soap and water) and buffed with a dry duster.

Taking care of outdoor furniture
We recommend that in poor weather conditions, your furniture should be stored under cover or indoors whenever possible. You can even have made to fit covers manufactured if this isn’t possible. There are of course, more suitable materials for outdoor spaces, such as rattan and aluminium as well as certain woods such as Robina.

Make use of coasters & place mats
Always use place mats and hot pads when serving hot food or drink on the table and also a small tray, candle stand or votive candle holder when burning candles.

Rotate Furniture for Even use
It’s wise to periodically rotate the furniture around your establishment as this can ensure an even distribution of wear and tear as there are certain areas of your venue that are likely to see greater traffic and higher use. It’snot always simple to do this as your pub furniture may only fit specific areas,but rotating furniture with that in quieter areas will slow down wear-and-tear,distributing it evenly across the furniture.

As you can see, there’s a lot which can be done when it comes to maintaining your pub furniture. Always make sure you purchase contract furniture and as with anything, the better it’s cared for, the better it will last. Just applying a few simple rules and training your staff on this, will make all the difference.

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