Plastic rattan furniture – The ultimate hero of outdoor furniture

We are now launching into February at full speed and as the days roll-by, Christmas feels like a lifetime ago. To beat the wintry blues, we are all thinking forwards towards warmer climes, in fact, consumers are most likely to book their spring and summer holidays in this time to ensure they have something to look forward to. And restaurants, pubs, hotels and the likes are starting to prepare their venues to ensure they have sufficient contract outdoor furniture for the summer months. Many use plastic rattan outdoors – a popular choice! Here’s why it’s the ultimate hero of outdoor furniture…

But what furniture are you going to go for in your outdoor space this year? I’m sure you already have outdoor furniture. However, it may be that you need additional pieces as you’ve changed the layout of or extended the space. Or, perhaps your current furniture is weather-beaten, old and in desperate need of replacing. There are many materials to choose from, some of which we’d highly recommend to withstand the test of time in the often harsh elements and in another breath, others we’d steer away from. However, this blog concentrates on plastic or ‘synthetic’ rattan furniture as it’s otherwise known. Historically, one of the most popular types of contract outdoor furniture materials was natural rattan, one of over 600 species of tropical palms. As beautiful as this is and with its traditional charm, it is vulnerable to the effects of the weather. Plus, and can unravel and doesn’t withstand the test of time as well as the synthetic version does. Below we detail the benefits of choosing synthetic rattan for your contract outdoor furniture:

Resistance to the elements – Durability
Natural rattan can’t withstand exposure to outdoor extremes; it shouldn’t be exposed to UV light for a prolonged period of time nor soaked in the rain. It should be kept covered or stored away somewhere dry. However, using plastic rattan outdoors is the ultimate hero and has been specially designed to withstand all the elements. It’s made from all-weather weave which is resistant to both moisture and to UV light. It will not fade, unravel or mould in any weather. It can be left out unprotected for the whole winter and will be ready to use again in the spring and summer months.

Care and maintenance
Theoretically, plastic rattan outdoor furniture requires no care or maintenance. It can be left in situ and may need the occasional wash with warm soapy water, but that’s pretty much where the maintenance stops! Think of all the time (and money) you’ll save not having to faff around staining, fixing or covering etc.

Some synthetic materials have a bad reputation among environmentally friendly venues and buyers. However, products made from natural materials can cause serious damage to the environment also. For example, many rattan species are threatened with extinction and unsustainable harvesting poses a risk of forest degradation. Also, the processing of rattan involves the use of toxic chemicals which pollute the environment and can cause health issues in nearby communities.

For quality contract outdoor furniture, there is a cost. However, because it will last between 10 – 20 years, with virtually no maintenance, you’re not going to have to pay anything in the future towards it or to replace any items. So, ultimately your ROI is much greater and the difference in price is minimal anyway!

As you can see, there are so many benefits to using plastic rattan as your contract outdoor furniture. It really is worth its weight in gold. Here at Eclipse, we offer an array of furniture for outdoor purposes and there are pros and cons to it all. However, if you’re looking for a material which will withstand the test of time and will free up your time with very little maintenance, then plastic rattan is the option for you.

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