7 reasons why commercial plastic outdoor furniture is the perfect post-pandemic choice for venues

The Government has announced new changes in support of the hospitality industry as we get closer to the lifting of lockdown restrictions. 

Here are just some of these updates: 

  • The extension of the Pavement Licenses scheme for an additional 12 months. 
  • The request for local authorities to “do everything possible to help these businesses reopen safely and prosper again.” 
  • The extension scheme allowing bars and restaurants to set up tables and chairs outside on public highways to enable social distancing has been extended by 12 months. 
  • The automatic right to provide takeaways and run a delivery service will continue. 
  • Pubs now have the right to erect marquees without planning permission for up to two months (from March). 
commercial plastic outdoor furniture

At the time of writing, the roadmap out of lockdown is progressing as planned… 

… Which means that pubs, restaurants, cafes and other eateries will need to ensure they have their outdoor space ready to welcome back their guests! 

There has been some speculation in the news of an outdoor furniture shortage, which could potentially leave these businesses unable to accommodate guests once they are able to re-open. 

Here at Eclipse Furniture, however, we’re delighted to say that we have plenty of outdoor furniture stock available, ready and waiting to make its way to your venue and welcome your visitors! 

But with so much choice available, which should you consider for your establishment? 

If you were to ask our experts here at Eclipse, they’d instantly recommend our range of commercial plastic outdoor furniture. Here’s why… 

7 reasons to choose commercial plastic outdoor furniture for your venue 

1. It’s safe 

In light of the ongoing pandemic, safety should be a number one priority for pubs, restaurants and other venues serving food and drink.  

Plastic furniture offers a fantastic solution here, as it’s not only super-quick and easy to clean between sittings, but you do not need to be concerned about sharp edges or corners that might present a hazard, particularly to small children.  

They are also built to be sturdy, which reduces chances of any tipping/falling accidents! 

2. It’s affordable  

Following the economic crisis that the pandemic has caused, many hospitality businesses will understandably be seeking the most cost-effective means of expanding their seating space.  

Commercial plastic outdoor furniture is once again the hero in this tale, as it is often far more affordable than other options, such as wood and metal.  

3. It’s robust

Plastic furnishings are designed to be durable and long-lasting; for example, if dropped, the chances of damage or breakage is minimal compared to other furniture materials. Wood furnishings, by comparison, can often develop cracks and subsequently need replacing after just a short period.  

What’s more, the plastics that are used (at least here at Eclipse) are non-staining, and do not rust or crack in adverse weather conditions, so they will continue to look brand new for the long term.  

As a result, the venues that choose to opt for plastic furniture will be investing in an option that will last them for years to come, saving major replacement costs in the long run!  

commercial plastic outdoor furniture

4. It’s manoeuvrable

Another brilliant advantage of plastic furniture is that it’s lightweight, stackable and easy to move around and store.  

So, if you need to rearrange your outdoor layout for whatever reason – for example, creating “social distancing” space between tables – you can do so quickly and easily, and store any spare furniture without taking up valuable space.  

5. It’s versatile

So far, we’ve discussed plastic furniture’s use outdoors – however, once your venue is able to re-open its indoor seating area, plastic furniture can offer a great addition to your indoor space!  

6. It’s enjoyable to use 

Available in a variety of colours and styles, the aesthetic opportunities that plastic furniture can provide for your venue are endless.  

What’s more, the assumption that plastic furniture will be uncomfortable for your guests is completely untrue. In fact, at Eclipse, we design our plastic furniture with comfort at the forefront of our minds! 

7. It’s sustainable

At Eclipse, we make our plastic furnishings out of high-grade recycled polypropylene, meaning that it is environmentally friendly – an absolute must-have for any forward-thinking and modern hospitality business!  

Did you know that recycling one ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space? By choosing recycled plastic furniture, you can therefore reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable initiatives by diverting waste away from landfill sites.  

What’s more, our plastic furnishings are recyclable – so once you’re ready for a change, you’ll be able to do so responsibly. 

Ready to prep your venue with high quality plastic furniture? 

Explore our range today by following the link below. We run a free next-day delivery service too, so you can be sure that your venue will be ready to welcome your guests with open arms once the government gives the thumbs up!  

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