4 top reasons to hop on board the marble design trend of 2022

Read this blog to learn all about the marble trend of 2022, and how your venue can get on board and make the most of everything this gorgeous material has to offer with the marble furniture in the UK available at Eclipse! 

“The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.” 

– Michelangelo 

Marble is a material which has never gone out of style…. 

…but it’s certainly making a huge a resurgence in 2022. In fact, marble décor now appears to be just about everywhere; from pubs to hotels, restaurants to cafes and beyond! 

Why is this happening, though? And why should you think about using it as part of your venue’s interior design in the coming year, too?  

Quite simply because it’s minimal, natural, organic, stylish and – perhaps most importantly – affordable! Read on to find out more… 

A marble restaurant table outdoors, representing marble furniture UK.

Marble furniture in the UK is a great choice for your venue because it is…

1. Natural 

Following the pandemic, where people found themselves shut indoors for days on end, interior design has become heavily inspired by nature. Natural surfaces, texture, warm materials and rich, raw, imperfect objects are all the rage for those wanting to bring a taste of the outdoors in! 

Marble is the epitome of all these things; it’s classic and refreshing, and can truly bring a space to life! 

2. Versatile 

One of the other great things about marble furniture in the UK is that there are so many different ways to utilise it!  

Take a look at the extrema carrara marble and cellini dining set from Eclipse, for example; a marble tabletop, aluminium table base and a distressed finished chair come together to create a perfectly suited but eclectic union of marble with contrasting materials! 

3. Enduring 

The pandemic has prompted many hospitality businesses to re-think their furnishing choices; namely, whether those choices will be sustainable and long-lasting. 

In this respect, marble is the ideal choice, as it is strong, resilient and easy to maintain. It’s also ideal for constant, everyday use, both indoors and outside. What’s more, it’s UV- and water-resistant, and will even withstand cigarette burns, so you can be sure it’ll last your venue well into the future! 

4. Affordable 

With the next-generation product technologies and innovations that have taken place over the years, it’s now possible to transfer this beautifully opulent material to all kinds of spaces – at an affordable price.  

For example, if you’d like to add marble to your existing design, it’s easy to do with a marble table top. Table bases are available at Eclipse, or you can use your own with the right fixings to save a few extra pennies!   

As we continue to less time inside, our outdoor furniture is becoming an extension of the indoor space.  

As a result outdoor furniture is elevating in style. And stylish outdoor furniture can be durable – which is key when choosing furniture for high traffic venues such as pubs, restaurants and hotels.  

We know that your guests want to be comfortable and to be surrounded by beautiful designs; we also know that you want choice, value and efficiency.  

At Eclipse, we’ve been supplying furniture to the industry for 30 years, including marble furniture in the UK. We offer next day delivery of all our chairs, tabletops and other classic pieces, and, as a family business, we can inspire, advise and support you from the moment you get in touch through maintaining your furniture for years to come.  

To start your journey on the marble trend of 2022, follow the link below!  

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