How your venue can make the most out of Mother’s Day

It’s not surprising that Brits love spoiling their mums. UK spending is set to top £1.6 billion this year and what better way to treat your mum than to take her for a meal out with the family. In fact, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the two busiest dates of the year. Father’s Day falls in June when there is more possibility of some sunshine, however, with Mother’s Day falling in March, it’s a far safer bet to take her to her favourite eatery. So, as a restaurant, pub, bar or café, make sure you are geared up for this busy period and market this effectively to your customers, ahead of the date. Think about your contract seating, tables and other furniture, menu, marketing and customer service.

Which time of the day is best?

Dinner is rated as being the most popular meal choice for families dining-out this Mother’s day. In fact, 55% of those families who eat out will do so for their evening meal. 34% of these will bring a mother, wife, grandma or girlfriend to lunch, 30% to brunch and only 12% to breakfast, so it’s important to prepare your establishment for this type of consumer ‘behaviour’.

Targeted menus

You could also think about creating a special menu which offers a starter, main and dessert at a fixed price. This means you’re increasing the sales of a specific food, whilst also improving your service times on what is set to be an extremely busy day. As you can see from the above statistics, dinner is the most popular meal. So, why not try and push brunch or lunch to spread the load across the day. If you know the majority of your customers are going to attempt to come to dinner, why not promote your brunch/lunch deals. You’re then more likely to spread footfall throughout the day, ensuring you increase your revenue stream and ensuring you cater for all your customers with the best customer service possible.

Cater for families

Mothers will undoubtedly have their families with them on Mothering Sunday and so it’s important for your venue to cater for this. It’s certainly not uncommon for children to become slightly restless in a restaurant environment and so ensure there are activities to keep them occupied. This could range from colouring or ‘kids packs’ at the table or a special corner in the restaurant dedicated to kids – You could include reading books, small toys and even some arts and craft items so they could make their mummy a card. Also, make sure you have a kid’s menu and this often works well as a set two or three-course offering, which always appears better value for money for the customer.

Offers and gifts

Everyone loves a freebie. It’s a great way of reeling customers in as well as being a great marketing tool. So, think about a free meal for Mum and Grandma, or a complimentary drink, or perhaps even bottomless prosecco.

You could even offer 10% off the next meal or a gift card to your venue. Or, you could go one step further and partner with other local businesses and offer a percentage off their services, for example, coffee shops, beauticians or hairdressers.

Focus on your regulars

More often than not, when you ask mums where they would like to go for Mothering Sunday, given the choice, they will more than likely choose their favourite restaurant. Sometimes when customers venture to the unknown, they can be disappointed and so make sure you bear this in mind when it comes to your marketing. If you have the contact details of your regulars, use them – Email them, text them and make sure they know you’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with a bang.

Marketing to the Grandmother

It’s highly likely if a mum comes to your restaurant, so will her mother. However, it’s important to remember the Grandmother in your marketing mix and this means you are instantly increasing the size of your party from say four customers to six or eight. Don’t just concentrate on the immediate family.

Your contract furniture and décor

It’s important to make sure you have enough contract seating and other furniture to cater for a larger influx of customers. Valentine’s Day calls for lots of tables for two, due to the nature of the day. However, you’ll inevitably need tables for four and larger this Mothering Sunday. So, think about the layout of your venue as this may need to change from your usual day-to-day set-up. You can, of course, push existing tables together, but there may potentially be the need to purchase more items.

Over and above your contract furniture and layout we, of course, have your décor. Flowers, flowers and more flowers. There are never enough flowers for all the women in the world. They add a touch of colour and signify spring. So, make sure you play with some colour combinations to complement your interior design and your setting will be brightened in an instant.

Customer service

Your establishment needs to be well-prepared so as not to destroy the overall credibility of your venue or the flow. Part of this comes down to the above (your contract seating, furniture and décor), so ensure your layout it planned well so your staff have easy access to key areas and are able to move freely and safely amongst your customers.

It goes without saying that your staff should be fully trained and know the menu inside out. But also make sure you have enough staff members to cover the busy times and ensure that there are no deficits.

Marketing and promotion

You have everything planned and in place, but how do you go about marketing this to your existing customers and potential customers? Firstly, communicate well in advance, it’s no good suddenly sending a few emails a few days before, this is something you should already be doing and if you haven’t already started, it’s time.

As mentioned previously, email or SMS marketing is good to reach existing customers and you can also promote in-house using traditional marketing methods such as boards, posters and flyers.

Make sure you have your Mother’s Day menu on your website and you could even feature a digital banner which links straight through to a booking function for ease of use for your website visitors. Social media is probably the best place to promote your offering and you can include your menu options and even a countdown to gain momentum towards the big day. You could also run a competition and make full use of #’s on Twitter and Instagram. You could even run some sponsored advertising on Facebook/Instagram too. The opportunities are endless, just make sure you create some noise to put bums on seats!

More than just a day

Not everyone will want to venture out on Mothering Sunday. Some people are totally put off from these types of days due to mass crowds and seemingly poor service. So why not run Mother’s Day week and promote this on all of the aforementioned channels. Many people will be unable to celebrate on the day anyway and so this increases your target audience and revenue stream ten-fold. Having extra contract seating and other furniture will ensure you can meet the demands of additional custom during this period.

Over and above food

Your customers may be expecting some additional extras this Mother’s Day and so why not think about putting on some entertainment such as live music, a magician or even a photographer to capture these special family moments. All of these are great items to promote on social media and it’s a great way of capturing data to utilise after the event (although do make sure you have the approval of the families to do so).

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