Keep your customers and staff happy with self-stabilising tables!

The clocks have changed, the sun is breaking through – the long-awaited summer is coming! It feels like it has been a long time coming, after a couple of false dawns, the months ahead look likely to be the first in a couple of years that Brits can truly enjoy without restrictions.

The industry seems to be just as excited as the public, getting ready for an influx of outdoor diners, after-work socialites, tourists, and more.

Despite this, some challenges still exist and preparations are needed.

The key to a successful business and this summer period, in particular, is keeping BOTH your staff and customers happy. Customers aren’t as loyal as they used to be – annoy them, provide a poor service and they will vote with their feet. Your staff too now have employment options as industries compete to recruit a flexible, stable, and fulfilled workforce.

One item in your restaurant, bar, or cafe that virtually everyone makes contact with (staff and customers) is the table – it is the stage on which your products are served and the ‘stage’ should be set for a great performance.

Wobbly and misaligned tables destroy dining experiences in seconds! Drinks spill, customers become frustrated, staff are annoyed and embarrassed having to get on the floor to level dirty feet all of which takes time, money, and even custom.

FLAT Table Bases are a revolution – they self-stabilise on uneven surfaces meaning your customers get a perfect experience every time. The technology, located underneath the base, adjusts whenever the table is moved and even helps staff to align tables when they are put together. No more time is wasted, no more free drinks and meals given out, no more breakages or upset customers caused by wobbly tables.

We stock a huge range of FLAT Table Bases, including cast iron, aluminium, dining, and bar height models

FLAT’s AUTO-ADJUST SX26 is a popular option for businesses right now that require a lot of flexibility. The aluminium SX26 is lightweight, portable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its slick design even allows users to neatly flip the tabletops and stack them together to save space after service. Both dining and bar height models are available for regular service and bar areas or functions. Are you located in a coastal area? No problem – ask us about the SX26’s ‘Extra Protection (EP)’ coating option that help protects against the base from the elements and corrosion

If you have wobbly table problems inside on tiled, wooden, or vinyl surfaces – consider FLAT’s KX, KT and UR bases. These classic cast iron table bases come in a variety of shapes and sizes for various tabletop requirements and provide a solid platform for customers.

Of course, not everyone wants to replace their existing (wobbly) tables – and just require a fix. Napkins, sugar packets, and wedges clearly aren’t up to the job, look unsightly, and can provide slip hazards. Try FLAT Equalizers. Equalizers replace the screw-in feet found under most table bases and stabilize them with a press on the tabletop. They too help with tabletop alignment and are a convenient and practical retrofit solution

So don’t let wobbly and misaligned tables ruin what could be a wonderful summer for your business, staff, and customers. Contact our team of experts to discuss the best FLAT solution for your business today.

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