Interior design trends for 2019

As we all know, furniture can make or break a space, so choosing the right pieces is key. As 2018 comes to a close, we look at the trends to watch out for in 2019. From colours to patterns and textures, vintage restaurant furniture to contemporary designs, we will give you some hints and tips as to which materials you should opt for on your restaurant chairs. Plus, we’ll give you some pointers for wha designs will be most fitting for your wall spaces.

Blush tones
Blush is the new neutral tone and pairs with greys and naturals for an extremely calming palette. It also pairs brilliantly with bold colours such as navy and green which exude an art deco appeal, also set to boom next year.

Restaurant chairs

Upholstery detailing
There’s nothing nicer than a restaurant chair which showcases detail. Small details in upholstery can have a huge impact on overall look. Think piping, stitching, buttons and studs. This instantly creates a look of perceived value.

Velvet is actually the most searched for fabric and is sumptuously seductive. You could have the most boring restaurant chair, upholster with velvet and add some detailing as per the above, and voila, you have a decadent and appealing design; a far cry from your former look.

In addition, sustainable and natural materials have permeated the interior design industry in recent times and this fascination will continue. They add fantastic visual texture as well as an air of luxury and practicality. The good news is the embrace of natural textiles will work across so many styles and looks, from boho to Scandi and just about every other style in between.

Metal will be used in innovative ways, for example in a laced design to add intricate and interesting detail. We will see sculptural based metal designs and there will be a veer towards art as function.

Last month we wrote an entire blog on hygge and Scandi styling and we’re pleased to say, it’s in for the long haul. This style focuses on calm and well being and the need for a cosy retreat. It uses natural materials and neutral tones and sets the perfect atmosphere for any venue.

A curvy design aesthetic will come into play next year, for example rounded back restaurant chairs and comfort pieces. Rigid lines have held centre stage over several decades now and feel a tad routine and expected. Cue some softer lines and even scallops as shown in the image below. This alternative style is more along the lines of vintage restaurant furniture, while still offering a contemporary feel. Curved lines have even come into play on restaurant tables, so isn’t solely confined to restaurant chairs.

Restaurant chairs

Geometric patterns
Geometric patterns seem to always be in style, whereas ethnic and tribal-inspired prints seem to come in and out of fashion every decade, as tastes change. They are warm and bold and therefore can be easily introduced into the most minimal of rooms and they can bring such life to these rooms.

Even if a full-on heavy handed ethnic inspired look isn’t for you and your setting, there are small ways you can bring in the moment, such as upholstery on your furniture chairs, accessories and suchlike.

Statement ceilings
We’re all extremely familiar with the statement wall, but you don’t often hear about the statement ceiling do you? Until now that is……There’s much to be said about the enticing visual impact of painted, wallpapered or even moulding covered ceilings. They can make a room appear larger, brighter and of course, more memorable and exciting than the common accent wall.

vintage restaurant furniture

Mid century modern
This trend somehow never goes out of style and can be seen everywhere! It provides style inspiration for every hospitality setting. 1950’s chic never goes out of fashion and low-slung lines and natural woods are still influencing designs today.

From blush tones to vintage restaurant furniture, trends are inspiring and act as a guide when you are about to decorate or update your venue. But the most important design expert you can ever bring on board to a project is… you! Make it your own, love your space and don’t just include trends for the sake of it.

Vintage restaurant furniture

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