Top 10 interior design and contract furniture styles for your hospitality venue

What does summer mean for your business? If you run a restaurant, bar, pub, hotel or café then hopefully it means more bottoms on seats. But what if your seats are in short supply? One solution is contract furniture.

If you’ve never thought to use hospitality contract furniture before then forget any ideas you have about plain, uninspiring tables and chairs. Not only do most high-end furniture contractors supply a whole range of seating options, but the style is contemporary, bold and exciting. Perfect to spruce up a busy café, host an event or cater for a busy pub garden.
But what’s in this year, and what’s out? Here’s our guide to summer 2019 interior design style.

70s Scandi

The simple lines and pared-back look continues to be a strong style for summer 2019. Think earthy tones combined with a strong geometric print in a cheery colour. Furniture is rustic, wooden, stylish and cosy.

Outdoor contract furniture

Keep your outdoor furniture on par with the comfort and style of its indoor counterparts.Remember, while contract furniture may seem like an expensive option, the materials and craftmanship of each piece means it’s built to last. Ideal for busy hospitality areas.

Mustard is massive

It’s been the go-to shade of 2019. Pops of colour work well in the form of chairs, stools and sofas. And it’s really versatile – combining beautifully with teal, blue and crisp white.

Living Coral

On the other side of the palette is Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Living Coral. A vibrant shade of orange with a mellow golden undertone. Use it on a feature wall, in your soft furnishings or why not create your own piece of wall art?

Less is more

Keep your look minimal, clean and fresh this summer. Knick knacks, paintings and photos are fine to showcase – but don’t over do it.

Totally tropical

A celebration of palm prints, jade, yellow and buff leather. Bold fabrics can be used in wallpaper, cushions, rugs and wall art.

Shine on

Lighting, and in particular – the technology used to control light is a big trend this year.Good light can make or break a mood and having a remote control dim switch oran app to change colour allows for ultimate control and flexibility.

Go for gold

It’s on trend, luxurious and high-shine, which can make your space look warm, stylish and opulent. Little touches such as mirrors and textiles can provide just enough gold shimmer for a decedent and glamourous style.

Going green

Living walls, ornamental plants and fresh herbs. A good balance to the ultra-modern, minimalistic spaces we are creating. Natural greenery and plant life can also have a positive effect on health and mood.

Sunshine on a rainy day

We don’t want to jinx it, but we’ve seen quite a bit of sun so far this year. And long may it continue. But for darker days, when you want to maintain the summer vibe –create a Mediterranean holiday mood with striped soft furnishings, a palette of corals and pinks and rustic wooden furniture.
The design of your venue should always be defined by your brand, and your audience. Don’t be tempted to be led by new trends for the sake of it. That could be a costly mistake.

The beauty of choosing contract furniture for your venue is that you can change the look and feel of a room in an instant, subtly or dramatically. And as styles come and go,you can keep up to date – creating a contemporary and visually enticing space for your customers to enjoy.

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