6 factors to consider when choosing pub bar stools for your venue

Who doesn’t enjoy going to the pub to socialise with friends and family? Whether it’s having a bite to eat, a good old fashioned pint and a chin wag or to watch the latest sporting event. However, your customers will make a conscious decision as to which pub they frequent based on a number of factors. These can include, proximity, price, staff and also setting/furniture. Believe it or not, pub furniture, including tables and seating and pub bar stools will have a huge impact on your clientele.

So, we’ve put together some thoughts for you, as a pub or bar owner for items to consider when choosing your pub bar stools.

It goes without saying that you will be on the lookout for a bar stool which works in harmony with the décor of your venue. There are some other extremely important factors to consider which we’ll move onto, but you need to love the way the stool looks and it needs to fit in with your style.

If you’re a pub owner with a more traditional interior, then perhaps you’ll want to think about pub bar stools featuring dark woods to compliment your bar area. However, if you’re furnishing a contemporary space, gastro pub or restaurant, you might be on the lookout for aluminium, metal or leather stools for example.

Safety and durability
As with all contract furniture, you have to remember that your pub bar stools may be sat on by 20 different people or more per day. So it’s extremely important to make sure you buy contract bar stools as opposed to domestic versions and that they aren’t fragile or weak. They must be extremely durable and must not be easy to tip over. As a bar owner, you have a health and safety responsibility. If one were to tip or break and a customer were to injure themselves, you could have a huge issue on your hands. Remember, some of your patrons may have had a shandy or two!

Pub bar stools give your customers the opportunity to rest their weary feet. So the last thing they will want is to sit on something uncomfortable! Really think about what you’re buying in terms of whether or not you need a backrest and/or a footrest. Is your pub bar stool upholstered or just plain? It’s important to take all of these items into consideration when making your purchase.

Pub bar stools

Size and height
Our last blog discussed the importance of maximising the space within your restaurant as well as the need to plan your venue layout. This also rings true when it comes to planning your bar area. Make sure you draw-up a floor-plan before you buy any form of furniture, ensuring you leave enough room for your patrons to get up and down and sit comfortably without knocking into others.

A standard bar is three and quarter feet high and the typical barstool is two and a half feet tall. So this leaves a difference in height of around 10 inches for your customer to sit comfortably. Much more or any less and patrons could feel squashed or like a child sitting on an adults chair.

Will you want to move your pub bar stools? You may have a space which is going to do double duty. For example a bar area in the day and then a dance floor of an evening. In which case you may need to buy stools which are easy to pick-up and move, stack and store.

There’s an abundance of pub bar stools on the market and as a business owner, cost obviously has to be taken into consideration. You have a responsibility to your customers and so you just need to think about cost in conjunction with the style you’re looking for and the durability and safety required to ensure your venue is as safe as possible. Certain materials will last longer than others and the credibility of the manufacturer obviously comes into play here.

As you can see, buying a pub bar stool isn’t as simple as one might think. There’s a number of really important factors to consider before your purchase!

pub bar stools

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