Restaurant furniture

Restaurant furniture 14/09/2020
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Plastic rattan furniture – The ultimate hero of outdoor furniture

Making the most of cosy evenings to come with outdoor furniture We are now launching into autumn at full speed, and as the days roll by we’re already thinking of ways to beat those inevitable winter blues and create cosy outdoor spaces until summer comes back around. Adding sofas and comfy armchairs to your outside space together with heaters and warm throws is a great way to utilise outdoor space – even when the summer has come to an end. Many restaurants, pubs, hotels and other venues are taking advantage... Read More

Contract furniture 17/03/2020
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Bespoke contract furniture – Our offering

First impressions count across the hospitality and service industry – That’s why it’s important to have the right contract furniture items for your establishment. Of course there are other major and critical factors including food, drink and customer service, but the overall look and feel of your restaurant, bar, pub, café or hotel plays an important role in the overall impression to the customer. , but the overall look and feel of your restaurant, bar, pub, café or hotel plays an important role in the overall impression to the customer.... Read More

Contract furniture 02/03/2020
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How your venue can make the most out of Mother’s Day

It’s not surprising that Brits love spoiling their mums. UK spending is set to top £1.6 billion this year and what better way to treat your mum than to take her for a meal out with the family. In fact, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the two busiest dates of the year. Father’s Day falls in June when there is more possibility of some sunshine, however, with Mother’s Day falling in March, it’s a far safer bet to take her to her favourite eatery. So, as a restaurant, pub,... Read More

Contract furniture 10/02/2020
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How to enhance your Al Fresco dining experience

As the nights begin to draw out and the days begin to lengthen, spring and summer is a thought on everyone’s mind. Our minds turn to long, warm summer nights spent with friends and family, making the most of the fantastic company combined with the open air. As a venue, you will also be thinking about how you can make the most out of your outdoor space as the weather improves and so this article aims to cover how to optimise your Al Fresco dining experience, including your exterior design,... Read More

Contract furniture 16/12/2019
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New Year’s resolutions for your venue and your contract furniture

The New Year signifies change for many people, both personally, in their careers and within businesses. Are you thinking of giving your venue a refresh in 2020? You may have had an excellent 2019 but are really looking to push the boundaries in the New Year. It could be that you’re looking to renew elements of your contract furniture, or entire tables and chairs are in desperate need of rejuvenation. Similarly, you may be looking at replacing your entire collection with an interior design overhaul and the help of contract... Read More

Contract furniture 05/12/2019
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2020 Commercial interior design and contract furniture trends

As 2019 comes to a close, we’d like to look ahead at the coming year, and what we believe to be the major 2020 commercial interior design trends in terms of colours, patterns, materials and the best contract furniture. If you’re looking to update or renovate your venue, what should you be looking at to ensure you’re on-trend and ahead of the competition? And remember, although trends are a great source of inspiration, you don’t have to follow these to a tee – use them to enhance your space to... Read More

Restaurant furniture 25/11/2019
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How to serve coffee in your restaurant

Coffee is a real buzzword. You only have to look around you to see people wandering about with takeaway coffee cups or meeting for an informal coffee with friends and family. But what we also need to appreciate is the importance of coffee as part of the dining experience. It’s the completion of a meal and so it’s important to get it right so as not to leave a bad taste in the mouth of your customers. The following blog aims to cover the different coffee types as well as... Read More

Contract furniture 12/11/2019
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Our top venue styling tips this Christmas

Christmas is a time for extravagance and celebration – Not only do we decorate our homes, but have come to expect public venues to be adorned with all things representing the festive period as well. But how should you go about decorating your venue? The following article covers how you can style your setting, from contract furniture choices and brand personality to table and bar decorations. Contract furniture It’s highly likely that you already have plenty of furniture in your venue. However, it could be that on the run up... Read More

Contract Restaurant furniture 22/10/2019
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Vegan restaurants – Are you capitalising?

Vegan diets are more popular than ever, with veganism growing by 400% over the last decade – But why the sudden shift towards meat-free and plant-based foods? In this article, we explore why there has been such a radical rise in vegan and flexitarian diets as well as how venues are and should be capitalising on this in terms of menu choices and even purchasing sustainable restaurant furniture. Health benefits Research has shown that consumption of animal products is linked to serious health conditions such as cancers, diabetes and heart... Read More