Transform your venue in 2022 with these hot interior design trends

As we look forward to a year of freedom, increased trade and happy, mask-free customers, how do you best welcome and engage your guests?

Will you be refreshing your pub, hotel or restaurant to boost appeal? Or completely transforming your indoor and outdoor spaces to stand out from your competitors? 

Either way, we’d like to share what’s hot and what’s not, and focus on trends for interior design in 2022 to help your venue achieve the ultimate success over the next year. Get ready to feel inspired!  

red chairs outside a restaurant

1. Forget minimalism, think maximalist design.  

Be big, be bold and be brave. Interior design in 2022 is all about intricate details, eye-catching designs, busy walls, opulence, colours, textures, patterns, fabrics and accessories!  

Unique statement pieces are key to a maxi style interior. Check out this brand new Theiry arm chair with faux leather seat pad in vintage teal, and the American diner inspired Mascot chair with Diamond stitching. We love the vintage gold! 

2. Connect to nature.  

After being confined to the indoors for so long, our connection to nature is more important than ever. Green tones uplift us, nature-inspired colours and textures invite and relax us, and biophilic artwork draws us closer to a natural environment.  

Adorn your walls with flowers and birds (a real trend in interior design in 2022!) or create a green living wall. If your outdoor space is longing for some love and a pop of green, treat it to an Air Dining Set – and just wait for your customer’s reaction! 

The inside of a restaurant in greens, browns and blues, following trends for interior design in 2022.

3. Sustainability is everything 

Sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing and investing in meaningful furniture has become more prominent in the past few years – and, subsequently, a big trend for interior design in 2022! Your customers are making conscious choices, and that extends to where they choose to visit. 

Forward-thinking venues should take this into consideration when creating a commercial venue space. You can discover more about sustainable commercial furniture here; just briefly though, the things you should keep in mind are ethically sourced materials, long-lasting pieces, and recycling potential.   

4. Comfort in nostalgia 

Although we’d like nothing more than to forget the past two years and leave the pandemic behind us, as humans, we seek the familiar. We find comfort in something recognisable; and 2022 will see a definite nod to the 70s when it comes to hospitality design trends.  

Think tan, orange and caramel. Leather, wood and playful patterns. Can’t quite picture it? This Carlo chair teamed with a Toto table sum up the trend deliciously!   

The joy of interior design for your venue this year is basically comfort. Comfort, colour and wellbeing. Design a space where your guests will want to relax, feel good and, as always, make for the perfect selfie for Instagram! 

A bike perched outside a restaurant in oranges and browns, following trends for interior design in 2022.

Ready to ramp up your venue’s interior design in 2022? 

We’ve shared a few of the different options we have available here at Eclipse Furniture throughout this blog, but there are plenty more that you can explore – for example, the recyclable statement chair we currently have in our sale in one of this year’s hottest colours! 

The great news is that they’re all easily affordable and will arrive super-quickly, so you can focus the remainder of your time and budget on all the other design trends we’ve shared in this blog. 

To get started, simply follow the link below to start shopping for your ideal furnishings, and be sure to get in touch with us if you can’t find what you’re looking for – we’ll be sure to have something to suit your venue’s unique aesthetic!  

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