2020 Spring & Summer interior design trends

As this is being written, it’s dull and gloomy and pouring with rain outside. However, we’re now at the best end of February and as of March, the daffodils begin to grow and our thoughts lean towards warmer climes, holidays and spring/summer vibes. At the end of last year, we featured a blog focusing on the commercial interior design and contract furniture trends for 2020. Of course, this all still applies, but what we’d like to focus on now are the interior design trends which will become particularly apparent this Spring/Summer – Concentrating on styles, colours and your venue’s commercial furniture.

Commercial Furniture


We are living at a time whereby there is a huge focus on sustainability, recycling and upcycling. This is particularly apparent when it comes to your commercial furniture. Not only is upcycling kind to the environment, it is also kinder to your bank account. This isn’t a newly founded fad, it has, of course, been going on forever. However, there are more products than ever available on the market now as well as many tutorials on platforms such as Youtube and Pinterest explaining the detail on how to achieve the look you desire for your venue.

Moreover, instead of having to purchase brand new items for one reason only isn’t always required, thanks to some really clever and inexpensive inventions. For example, if you love your current commercial furniture and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, apart from it wobbles due to the uneven surface it sits on. This can be easily fixed with our Equalisers, which help to stabilise your existing tables, meaning you needn’t purchase a whole new tablet set.

Rattan and wicker

In commercial settings, rattan and wicker and synthetic rattans and wickers are known for their outdoor use. However, we’re seeing these materials creep into indoor areas to create a more natural and organic environment. It’s the perfect layer to balance modern and traditional style.

Scalloped lines

We’re used to retro seating and funky lines, but commercial seating is now veering off into the scalloped effect. So, curved and wavy lines, matched with bright colours and soft materials such as velvets and linens.

Mid-Century modern

Mid-Century Modern styling is everywhere, it just doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. This 1950’s chic is never far away with its low-slung lines teamed with natural woods. Again, velvet is a key material with this styling and adds an air of opulence to any space.

Vintage accents

Many commercial furniture pieces give a nod to vintage and traditional detailing, such as spooled legs and spindles for example. This won’t be the overriding style within a setting, however, it will be more likely for just one or two statement pieces to be incorporated to create the perfect balance within your setting.

The colour palette

Rather than a single trending colour, this spring/summer is all about the colour palette which enables you to mix a match a range of complementing colours. This is a great way to make a statement as utilises colours you may not have thought about combining previously. This can spread throughout your entire venue, from the walls and floors to your commercial furniture and accessories.

Neutral simplicity

This style takes us back to the hygg styling with its Nordic roots. It provides a plush yet simplistic and calm environment, giving your customers a chilled-out space to relax in. You can create an uplifting space to retreat from the outside world and can utlise the above notion of the colour palette to achieve this.

This is being mixed with Japanese design to ensure your space is a sanctuary and a less-is-more approach to an uncluttered space.

The plaster effect

This is quite a common look and a move away from exposed brickwork and metals. In fact, this is the 2020’s answer to industrial styling and gives a softer appearance reminiscent of raw plaster. This can be created simply by using a limewash paint which creates a chalky, textured backdrop for your restaurant, café, bar or bistro.

Soft tropics

What better way to celebrate the warmer months than with the use of botanical prints, delivered in a softer format. Palm prints are a key element of this this look, whether that’s the use of real trees of this description within your space or as part of your wallpaper/fabric design on your restaurant walls or seating for example.

Closely aligned with fashion, interior designs are ever-evolving. They often retreat back to former times and aren’t so quick to change that your venue will be out of style or fashion in the immediate future. If you’re in need of some inspiration when it comes to your venues styling and commercial furniture choices, why not give us a call now on 01452 336520 or email sales@eclipsefurniture.co.uk.

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