2020 Commercial interior design and contract furniture trends

As 2019 comes to a close, we’d like to look ahead at the coming year, and what we believe to be the major 2020 commercial interior design trends in terms of colours, patterns, materials and the best contract furniture. If you’re looking to update or renovate your venue, what should you be looking at to ensure you’re on-trend and ahead of the competition? And remember, although trends are a great source of inspiration, you don’t have to follow these to a tee – use them to enhance your space to make it a contemporary and inviting setting and make sure it suits your taste. It’s all well and good following these trends, but your setting has to be right for you and your target audience, and the last thing you want is for it to go out of fashion quicker than it came in. Take some of the concepts and make them usable for your brand.

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Neutral shades

Neutral shades are upcoming this year and these shouldn’t be seen as dull and boring – far from it. Neutral shades are white with cool or warm undertones and the latter seems to be taking precedence. Don’t underestimate the power of neutral colour schemes; they can be used on your walls and for your contract furniture items.

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  • Some spaces can look flat and uninviting and with your customer-base to think about, this is the last thing you need. 2020 sees a strong focus on boucle. Life for Boucle actually began on the catwalk, but it’s steadily making its way into the realms of interior design. Smart stitching and looped yarns, often in very subtle shades, create a raised quality and emanate an air of sophistication and cosy luxury. In contract furniture terms, this could be an entire armchair or side chair upholstered in such material or just focusing on the arms of said furniture and could also include soft furnishings, such as curtains, blinds or cushions.
  • Suede, leather and velvet come into play in a big way and so think about these materials also when selecting the best contract furniture for your venue.

Natural materials

Natural materials aren’t necessary a new concept, however, they will continue to impress throughout 2020.

French contemporary design

We will see a re-emergence of French, modern design, for example rounded shapes and the use of cane in wooden pieces.

Eco friendly

Sustainability has been a hot topic for a while now and as a result, eco-friendly furniture will feature heavily. Materials such as recycled plastics, bamboo and concrete will become more apparent, all in eye-catching designs.

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Rattan and wicker

Rattan and wicker are having a huge resurgence with tables, chairs and bar stools. This look perfectly balances both a traditional and modern style.

Mixed metals

An eclectic mix of metal furniture will be seen all over the world of interior design in 2020. Historically, designers would tend to stick to one metal in the one space. However, the mixed metal trend is due to progress – So, think copper, brass, silver, gold and. Make sure you don’t mix more than three metals in the one area or the overall look could be chaotic and overwhelming. For example, silver and brown metals work very well together.

European detailing

European-inspired silhouette detailing is definitely trending. German and Italian influences are particularly apparent and can be seen in sloping armchairs and metal legs.

Traditional detailing

We often see a mix of traditional and contemporary elements and there seems to be a real resurgence in traditional lines and more intricate detailing on the best contract furniture items.

Sculptured contract furniture

Customers are looking for something different and as a result there’s a growing trend towards unique and unusual furniture items to make a statement. Make sure you’re mindful where uniqueness is concerned, because sustainability, quality, comfort and longevity will also be at the forefront of their minds.

Natural light

Your restaurant, bar, bistro or café, may not be lucky enough to have glorious windows surrounding the space. However, you can use lighting in such a way that it mimicks natural light. Think about all the different types of lighting available, including both ambiance lighting and task lighting.

Lighting really enhances your interior décor and you can apply different layers of light to achieve the best look. Take a look at one of our previous blogs which discusses how you can harness lighting to improve the customer experience. But remember, natural lighting is a must and what you’re aiming for is for your lighting to go unnoticed, as if it’s natural, so avoid stark LED lights.

Art deco and statement lighting are also something to look out for in the world of commercial interior design.

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Cut the clutter

There’s nothing worse than walking into an establishment and not knowing where to look – Clashing colours and all manner of materials and accessories can lead to sensory overload and so concentrate on some key items to avoid this. If your venue is large then you could think about ‘zoning’ certain spaces, such as the bar area, restaurant area and lounge area, for example.


Adding texture to your venue, doesn’t mean cluttering your space. Again, not a new phenomenon, but texture is the new ‘pattern’ – this could include brass feet on your contract chairs to brass sabot detailing on your contract tables. They provide an interesting visual statement.

As you can see, there are lots of exciting things to come in the world of interior design and so if you’re looking to rejuvenate your space, it’s worth taking all of these elements into account. If you’re looking for the best contract furniture to help your space sing, why not contact us now or in the New Year on 01452 336520 or email sales@eclipsefurniture.co.uk.

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