7 tips for working from home

a stylish home office

A large number of us are now working from home, and for some, this may be your first experience of remote working. Whilst some may find it quite easy to blend work and home life, others may find it a challenge to adapt to a new way or pattern of working. In order to make this experience as stress-free and effective as possible here are a few key points to consider, including how to find stylish home office furniture:

Ensure you have the right equipment

Along with the essential equipment of a laptop and phone, you will need stylish home office furniture such as a desk or table and a comfortable chair.  It is important that these are positioned in a way that enables you to work comfortably. Working from your sofa or bed may feel novel at first, but your back won’t thank you after a while! Sitting properly will also help you concentrate and put you in a better frame of mind for work. Try to have a separate space if possible, to help define these areas of your life and stop work encroaching on your relaxation time.

Find the right space to work

You may be lucky enough to be able to convert your spare room into an office or you have an existing study, alternatively, you may have to utilise a corner within your normal living area.  Whatever space you choose, ensure that it has good lighting and there is room for you to comfortably use all the equipment you require.

If you are blending your office space with living space, ensure that the furniture you choose fits and complements the materials, colours and style of your existing décor. Our range of stylish home office furniture is designed to be contemporary but is also hard wearing and easy to clean so it just fits ideally into your everyday life.

Know what is expected of you and track your results

Remote working may also be new to your employer so ensure you both know what is expected and what you need to achieve and agree deadlines.  Communication is key to ensure milestones are reached so track your results and discuss them regularly.

Be organised

Plan your schedule carefully, especially if your working hours have changed from the ones you are used to working when you were office-based.  A daily and weekly plan will keep you on track and productive; a routine can help you to keep focussed and settle into a working pattern.

Avoid distractions

Homeworking comes with a multitude of distractions, especially if other members of the family are also at home. The easiest way to avoid interruptions from family and friends is to set boundaries about when you are available and when you are not to be contacted.  Avoid other distractions such as TV and social media.

Stay in touch with colleagues

Working from home can make you feel isolated from colleagues, especially if you live alone. This can be even more true when you are used to working in a very busy environment. To avoid this, ensure that you keep in regular contact with colleagues and the progress of team goals.  Regular Skype calls or meetings are a great way to ensure you still feel part of your team and for you to share ideas and knowledge.

Take regular breaks

Working from home means that sometimes you are tempted to work longer hours or skip lunch and regular breaks.  Try to avoid this and step away from the computer from time to time as you will find you are more productive after taking a break.

If you’re looking to create that perfect home office space, why not contact us now to talk to one of our experienced team members? We have a huge range of stylish home office furniture available to individuals for domestic use for the first time. Eclipse Home has desks and chairs in stock, in a variety of sizes and materials ready to transform your home office! Order now for next day delivery

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