How to appeal to Dads this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the third most popular day out for families, trailing closely behind Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. And, of course, with Father’s day falling in June, it can lend itself well to staying at home, out in the sunshine indulging in a good, old-fashioned barbecue. Eating out can sometimes be viewed as an unnecessary expense and so with these challenges in mind, it’s important to make sure that as a restaurant, you have an appropriate offering (food, entertainment, restaurant furniture etc.) and promote this effectively to your customers.

Some key stats for you!

Dinner is rated as being the most popular meal choice for families dining-out for Father’s Day. 67% of those families who are choosing to eat out, doing so for their evening meal. 24% venture out for lunch, 10% brunch and 11% breakfast. So, as you can see, it’s important to focus on dinner as a priority and lunch a close second. So what can you do to make sure you’re making the most of Father’s Day? Read on to find out….

Special menu

This may appear extremely cliché, however, men, in general, really do love their meat, especially steak! So, make sure there are a variety of options available on the menu as well as making sure you promote this within your marketing material. According to Bookatable (a UK reservation provider), their top 20 booked restaurants in 2017 were, in fact, steak restaurants!

You could also think about creating a special menu which offers a starter, main and dessert at a fixed price. This means you’re increasing the sales of specific food, whilst also improving the service on what is set to be an extremely busy day!

Restaurant furniture

Offers and gifts

Why not entice your customers with a few cheeky offers as well. At the end of the day, everyone loves a freebie. It’s a great way of reeling customers in – especially as it’s a great marketing tool. So think about a free meal for Dad, or a complimentary drink, or perhaps even bottomless beer!

You could think about offering 10% off the next meal or a gift card to your establishment. Or, you could partner with other local businesses and offer a percentage off their services, for example coffee shops or barbers.

Focus on your regulars

More often than not, when you ask ‘Dad’ where he would like to go for Father’s Day, he will simply choose his favourite restaurant as it’s a known entity and his special day and so why not? With this in mind, it’s important to focus your marketing on your regulars as they will be the most likely to frequent your establishment.

Marketing to Grandfathers

Let’s not forget about your Daddy’s Daddy! Or, of course the grandchildren’s Great Grandad even. I know that whenever we celebrate Father’s Day, we always invite my Dad as well, so it’s important that you use this in your marketing toolkit. By targeting Grandfathers, you are cleverly increasing party size from say four to ten! It’s a mistake to solely concentrate on the nuclear family. Just be sure to have lots of extra large furniture to accommodate everyone! 

Your choice of furniture

This is closely associated with the above point. It shows how important it is to ensure that you have the appropriate restaurant furniture in your venue. On Valentine’s Day our focus was very much about tables for two and an intimate dining experience. However, this is no good for Father’s Day, because of course this is a family affair. You will need to cater for at least three diners, with say a maximum of 10. So make sure you have plenty of extra large furniture, plenty of child-friendly activities and lots of tables for four. Which you are then able to push them together for the larger parties.

Make sure your venue is child-friendly

It’s often a novelty for new Dad’s to venture out and celebrate their newly acquired father status and so this means that of course, young children will be present. And so it’s vital to ensure your venue is child-friendly including a children’s menu, appropriate restaurant furniture (including plenty of high chairs), children’s activities, facilities and accessories. Be sure to have some extra large furniture suitable for large families. In fact, we’ve written an entire blog dedicated to how you can ensure your restaurant is child-friendly and therefore appealing to families looking for the perfect dining experience.

Promote, promote, promote

So, you have your menu, seating, entertainment and gifts in place, but it’s two days before Father’s Day and so you’ve really missed a trick! Make sure you communicate in advance to your existing customers – email marketing is a good option for this. Promote in-house using posters or boards. Promote in other establishments within the vicinity such as local shops, hairdressers etc. Include a banner on the homepage of your website and of course inundate your social media channels with your offers, how to book, menu options and a countdown even. You could also run a competition and make full use of #’s on Twitter and Instagram. You could even run some sponsored advertising on Facebook. The opportunities are endless, just make sure you create some noise!

A spot of entertainment

As it’s a special day, why not put on some special entertainment? You could feature some live music or a magician or even arrange a photographer to take piccies of families whilst celebrating their special day and then use that to send to them after the event by gathering email addresses – Again, fantastic promotional material and social media material (although any photos you do use on any social media platforms – make sure you have the approval from the families themselves!)

Create Father’s Day week

Many people just can’t be bothered with dining on featured Days like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day because everywhere is just so busy and service can be slower than normal. Think about those who can’t celebrate on the day as they or their partners may work shifts or be away with work. And so, the best way around this is to create a Father’s Day week instead of a father’s Day week instead of only offering specific deals on the Sunday! This is extremely inclusive and actually extremely thoughtful!

So, as you can see, there’s so much you can do to help promote Father’s Day and ensure your venue is jam packed for the occasion!

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