Get Bank Holiday ready: prepare for the great footfall surge of 2022!

Read this blog for top tips and advice on preparing for some of this years’ big events, from planning and promotion all the way to choosing the best contract furniture solutions for your unique venue! 

group of friends in pub garden sitting on contract furniture

At last, we can look forward to a year of welcoming guests with no restrictions!

And this year, we have even more reasons to celebrate… the Six Nations, Easter, Mother’s Day and… the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend! A four-day UK bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June. 

How will your venue be celebrating? And most importantly, where will your guests be sitting? 

The community you’ve built around your venue makes it the perfect place to celebrate this special occasion, among others – and we think your guests will be expecting something special.  

Don’t worry, though – there’s still plenty of time to plan. Whether you’re refreshing or refurbing your current space or are opening up a new pub, hotel or restaurant altogether, Eclipse Furniture is here to support you with the below tips and advice, as well as our contract furniture solutions. 

Here are the 7 most important things to remember when planning a special event:

empty pub garden in summer with contract furniture

1. Plan in advance 

… but don’t bite off more than you can chew! Determine your goals for the event and your budget, taking any contract furniture solutions you’re planning to invest in into account, as well as things like decorations, DJs and so on.  

It might also be worth considering including a small entry fee to help cover these costs!  

2. Get your team on board  

Brief your team on the food menu, drinks and any special activities taking place so that everyone knows exactly what’s happening and when. Pair this with a push for your staff to make the vibe as electric as possible, and everyone involved will be in for a truly fantastic time! 

3. Promote with gusto 

It’s all well and good planning the perfect event – but it will be all for nought if nobody shows up Encourage your staff to spread the word, make the most of your social media accounts and stick up flyers, events pages and newsletters – and of course, be sure to invite your regulars in person.  

4. Ensure you have enough seating 

Consider folding tables and chairs, plastic furniture sets, stacking chairs, bar stools and picnic tables. And always choose contract quality furniture over domestic grade (you can find out more about why this is important in our dedicated blog here). 

5. Think safety first  

In the wake of the pandemic, some visitors may feel understandably vulnerable, so be sure to consider Covid-secure furniture and products when making plans for your event.  

blue contract furniture tables and chairs outside a restaurant

6. Share your success 

… both during and after your event. Show everyone what they’ve missed out on and how great you are at throwing a ‘party’! They’ll be sure to show up to the next event if you do.  

7. Say “thank you” 

Celebrate your hardworking staff and thank your guests for coming. But also take a moment to be thankful that your business has not only survived a pandemic but has thrived during this event.  

Your till has been ringing and you’ve not stopped all day…if that’s not a reason to celebrate, we don’t know what is!  

Not sure you’ve got point 4 (enough seating) quite covered? We can help… 

You can find out more about Eclipse Furniture’s contract furniture solutions by checking out our specialist venue furniture collection, as well as finding out how we can help you get event-ready here.  

You’ll also discover more about our warranty, speedy delivery, credit facility and installation service. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, though, be sure to get in touch!

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