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FLAT Table Stabilisers

Do you have wobbly tables in your establishment? Trusted by some of the world’s largest restaurant chains, FLAT is the number one solution to wobbly and misaligned restaurant dining tables. FLAT’s award-winning table bases automatically stabilise and allow users to seamlessly align tabletops, whilst FLAT Equalizers reinforced plastic feet allow you to stabilise your existing tables by simply pressing on the tabletop, so you can wave goodbye to wobbly tables for good.

According to YouGov, 86% of people believe that sitting at a wobbly table is irritating or distracting, while 75% think that restaurant dining tables propped up by napkins and coasters are unsightly. In fact, 56% of people would reconsider even returning to an establishment where a wobbly table spoilt their experience. But wobbly tables don’t just affect customers - they have an impact on staff too, who are likely to receive frequent complaints about spilt drinks and upsetting wobbles. 

How FLAT technology works:

FLAT Table Bases 

FLAT’s award-winning table bases automatically stabilise and help users to seamlessly align multiple, adjoining tabletops - ideal when joining tables together for a larger group! They also stabilise automatically to uneven surfaces and lock firmly into position, no matter how many times the tables are moved.

How do they do it? FLAT’s patented hydraulic technology - which is located underneath the tables - pumps oil between the feet, allowing them to compress or expand as needed to stabilise the table. Whether you’re looking for round, X-shaped, twin pedestal, square, cast iron, aluminium, stainless steel, indoor or outdoor, standard or bar height tables, with over 40 table bases to choose from, FLAT will have the right base for you.


FLAT Equalizers

FLAT Equalizers are reinforced plastic feet which allow you to stabilise your existing tables simply with the press of a tabletop.  Equalizers encompasses features found in FLAT’s self-stabilising table bases and also help users to align adjoining tabletops.

Equalizers come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any table with screw-in feet. What’s more, they are extremely durable and can be installed in just seconds - no tools required. FLAT Equalizers are tested to international industry standards (BS EN 581-1:2006 & BS EN 581-3:2017) and come with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.


The benefits of FLAT Technology

Improve customer satisfaction and eliminate complaints

Save time on (re)setting restaurant dining tables

Save money on compensatory drinks and meals 

Reduce spillages and improve safety

Protect your brand, image and reputation 

Make use of unused spaces and generate more sales

Keep your customers coming back!