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Sustainable Commercial Furniture

Sustainable commercial furniture is now a must-have for any modern and forward-thinking venue.

While it can be all too easy to choose domestic chairs, tables, stools and so on for your venue for their appearance and (typically) low prices, they are unfortunately not built to last in a busy and often crowded environment. 

What’s more, they are often made from environmentally damaging materials, or manufactured through particularly harmful processes.


At Eclipse furniture, we’ve made it our mission to be (and help our customers to be) as sustainable as possible. 

This is where our affordable sustainable commercial furniture makes its welcome appearance, offering a durable, comfortable and long-lasting selection of tables, chairs, stools and more that will save your budget and the environment well into the future!


Introducing the Eclipse EKO collection

Prioritising sustainability without compromising on aesthetics, our EKO range at Eclipse is designed to look exactly like wood, but made from fully recyclable materials!

We have EKO sustainable commercial furniture to suit every venue, including...


Cafés, coffee shops and bistros

UK-dwellers appear to have an increasing fondness for coffee in comfort – and alongside that, the desire to support sustainable and environmentally-conscious businesses! 

Our EKO range, therefore, offers the perfect solution, providing comfortable tables and chairs, low stools, side chairs and more in a range of different styles and colours to suit your café's interior. All whilst demonstrating your business’ environmentally-friendly ethos.

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Our EKO restaurant range can cater for both indoor and outdoor settings. They are also expertly designed to reflect the style and brand of your restaurant, whilst being durable, comfortable, and sustainable in the long run.

If you’re looking to modernise your restaurant and market it as a sustainable and environmentally friendly business, EKO furniture is most certainly the way forward!

Explore EKO restaurant furniture



Furniture designed with sustainability in mind is essential for any bar!

Whether sat on barstools waiting to be served or congregating at a table to delight in your venue’s selection of beers, wines and cocktails, contract furniture that’s built to last will fare far greater than any other kind when catering for the steady flow of customers that make their way through.

Discover EKO bar furniture


Ready to transform your venue?

Whatever your venue, needs or style, Eclipse Furniture has the sustainable commercial furniture to match – and all ready for next day delivery! If you’d like to know more or would like additional help and advice, simply get in touch with our team today.


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