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Self stabilising tables

Stabilise existing tables

Eliminate wobbly and misaligned tables with FLAT

Eliminate the stress of wobbly or misaligned tables with multi-award-winning FLAT Table Bases and Equalisers. Both of these solutions are perfect for venues that require flexible dining solutions, they stabilise tables on uneven surfaces and allow users to align adjoining tabletops.


We understand that it’s not always practical to purchase brand new table bases to solve the issue of wobbly tables. FLAT Equalizers are a screw-in replacement for the feet on existing tables and benefit from extensive research, development, and field testing.


Equalizers cleverly use hydraulics to raise or lower one or more of the feet of the table and stabilise it on an uneven surface. An advanced locking system then holds the table at its new level and automatically releases once moved from the high spot. These equalizers also enable operators to align adjoining tabletops for a seamless surface when combining multiple tables.


FLAT Table Bases utilise patented hydraulic technology located underneath the table base that adjusts instantly to uneven surfaces whenever the table is moved. Once the technology has adjusted, it locks into place providing a stable dining experience.

FLAT table bases stay stable no matter where they are placed and will adjust to each new surface instantly. Tables can be moved as much as needed to find the perfect placement and the auto-adjust technology will work every time.


With these table bases, you can also align multiple tabletops and eliminate the stress of wobbly tables.

FLAT Table Bases can help you remove unsightly props from underneath your tables and ultimately provide a greatly improved dining experience for your customers.