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Pubs are constantly trying to keep up with ever-changing demands. Nowadays, consumers want and expect a full and vast experience when they visit their local watering hole; from the latest in technology, experience-led entertainment and a huge range of spirits and ales. When there’s so much to think about, it’s no wonder your décor and pub furniture choices are taking a backseat – there’s just so much to think about! So, we’ve prepared this guide to help you to refresh your pub’s furniture and design and ensure it’s ready for your eagerly awaiting regulars.


Trends are also moving forward to celebrate a pub’s history while adding splashed of colour, which is a complete contrast to the industrial look. It’s all about restoring pride and featuring the personal touch. Think of chairs and tables with ornate legs and detail and furnishings featuring rich woods, velvet and other luxurious materials.

There’s something about this type of style which oozes comfort and warmth and makes customers want to come in, settle down and indulge in their favourite drink. Although the industrial look is still extremely popular, we can’t help but think the historical/traditional look will continue to rise and may slowly take over as the most popular look and feel.

Bring the outdoors in
There’s something so energising about bringing the outdoors into a venue. It can create an airy, energising, bright and relaxed environment. When it comes to your pub furniture – Think rustic woods and rattan and even benches. Incorporate plants and other greenery to enhance this look and you’ll create an environment worth shouting about.
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The industrial look has featured highly in pubs over the last year or so and continues to permeate the industry. You can achieve this look with all kinds of metal-based indoor and outdoor furniture items from bar stools, stools and chairs to dining tables and even coffee tables. Of course you can enhance this look with your choice of industrial lighting,accessories, fixtures & fitting and general décor.

More than just a drink
What do you think of when you imagine a trip to the pub? What we have to remember is that a consumer’s visit doesn’t stop at a pint and a packet of crisps. Many pubs offer a wonderful menu as well as many entertainment options and they want a comfortable environment in which they can enjoy all of the items on offer to them. We are seeing a move from just popping in for a drink to creating an environment whereby an all-day experience is possible with fantastically comfortable pub furniture, customer service second to none and the best food and drink in your area.

For a designer this is quite a conundrum as it involves all types of seating from a formal dining area, to a bar area to perch and comfy sofas to relax. This obviously creates a design issue as furniture needs to cater for all options as does your lighting!

As the day progresses, you may want to switch furniture around to create a different space and atmosphere and you may also want to bring in extra items of furniture from storage or store those items away. Stackable and folding furniture is fantastic for this type of need as it’s quick to move and space-saving when it comes to storage.

The great outdoors
As the weather improves and the nights lengthen, now is the time you, as a pub owner,will be thinking about the outdoor area of your venue and the furniture you will need to make the most of this space. With increasing temperatures your regulars will want to bask in the sunshine and make a day of it. 

Style is obviously a must, but furniture which is made specifically for the outdoors is also imperative. It needs to endure bright UV rays and wintry showers. Aluminium and wicker are some of the very best materials for this purpose as they do not rust and you can ensure they are very much alive and kicking, summer after summer.

A bright outdoor area always looks so striking and retro colours are very much still in when it comes to the look and feel of this area. Plastic also weathers extremely well and there’s lots of colour choice when it comes to seating in particular.

Or, you could choose pastel colours and comfy corner sofas laden with cushions and enhance the whole look with string lighting and candles and of course patio heaters for those chillier nights!

Where to gain inspiration
It’s hard being able to envisage an area and what it will look like, especially if you’re starting from scratch. So make sure you search on Google to your heart’s content. And, don’t forget the wonderful Instagram and Pinterest –They’re absolutely brilliant for gathering ideas and you can even pin to your own boards and so if you don’t have the luxury of an in-house or contracted designer, you can start to create your own mood board to ensure the look and feel of your venue is fitting and balanced.

Contract contract contract!

We’ve stressed it a million times before, but buying contract pub furniture is an absolute must. Just always remember that although commercial grade furniture is slightly more expensive than its domestic counterpart, in the long-run it will be significantly cheaper as it’s built to last. Commercial furniture is used for hours on end, each and every day. Your furniture at home is used sporadically and treated with far more care than your pub furniture will ever be by your customers. So just make sure you go with the former, maintain it correctly and it will have a long and happy life!

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