Stay on trend with natural weave

With so many practicalities to consider, ‘trendy’ might not be a word you always take into consideration when designing the indoor and outdoor spaces of your pub, hotel or restaurant.

However, it’s vital not to discount the importance of style when it comes to attracting and retaining your customers. Keeping an eye on what’s new and emerging gives you a competitive edge within the industry, and means your venue looks positively fabulous all year round. With this in mind, we think it’s time to talk about the new kid on the block…natural weave.

But Eclipse, what is natural weave?

Technically speaking, natural weave consists of natural or synthetic materials such as rope, straw and rush that have been weaved to form a fabric-like structure. They’re beautiful, strong, durable and versatile which – we believe – makes them the ideal material for smart commercial furniture to set your spaces apart.

The natural colours and fibres of rope not only coordinate well with each other, they blend well with other designs and colours too. As a landlord or business owner, you want a seamless design that doesn’t break the bank or leave your existing furnishings without purpose.

Looking for something that is both elegant and low in maintenance? Natural weave could be the answer you’ve been looking for!

What do Eclipse Furniture have to offer?

Here at Eclipse, we are proud to say that we offer a variety of classic, lightweight and airy natural weave furniture collections that are sure to turn heads. Let’s break these down:

The Rio Collection

The synthetic woven design of our Rio Collection is intricate in style whilst still being a comfortable and well-supported place to sit. For example, the Rio Rope Bar Stool is an impactful piece to have tucked under your bar or table, both indoors or outdoors. Natural hues and timeless design combine to create the perfect environment for customers to experience.

The Tico Collection

Available in two beautiful contemporary shades (Taupe and Grey), the Tico Collection is a luxurious, charming set that features a bold, woven backrest and plush seat – a chic choice to sit back and relax in. If you’re looking for a model that’s impervious to the challenges that come with outdoor dining, this impressive collection is fashionable and still highly UV and water-resistant. No compromises necessary!

The Mozzini Collection

Last but certainly not least…our Mozzini Collection offers exceptional quality and a sophisticated, trendsetting dining experience. The collection features a contemporary, belt-like material intricately twisted to create depth, perfect for that high-end atmosphere. Practicality has been prioritised too; the water-resistant and solution-dyed cushions repel any splashes making it an excellent long-term choice for all your commercial needs.

Whether you require a range of products to kit out your space or a few pieces to compliment what you already have, our natural weave items are sure to delight your customers and keep them coming back time and time again.  Take a look at our extensive range of chairs and tables which are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Ready, set, shop!

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