Pop-up restaurant to permanent feature

Pop-up restaurants are becoming an ever popular option for restaurant owners looking to trial their concept before turning it into a fully-fledged permanent fixture. What a great way of testing market response to an idea without spending a huge amount of money on something which potentially may not fly. So,if you’re thinking about making the step, the following blog sets out some pointers which will hopefully help you to make the transition.

Your brand
What are you selling and what’s your USP? You have to remember that brand doesn’t just mean your logo, it encompasses your business personality, your offering and your visual identity. Make sure you get this right at the beginning. Don’t scrimp and save on poor visual identity for example as it’s an expensive mistake to make and you don’t want to have to re-brand 6 months down the line.

Location, location, location
You may have the perfect concept however, it just isn’t right for a certain location. So, it’s really important to make sure you find the perfect situation. Look at your target demographic and research the area you’re intending on basing yourself. This is the beauty of the pop-up concept because essentially you can try before you spend a huge amount of money on renting a space. Prime locations could be overly expensive but you need to get a feel for passing trade and whether you’ll be able to attract both lunch and dinner trade.

The lease
Many restaurant owners will end up leasing their premises rather than buying,because otherwise it’s a huge upfront cost. Make sure you do your homework….The landlord needs to be someone you’re comfortable having a working relationships with. Also, find out why the building is vacant and if it has the necessary requirements of a licensed eating establishment. Think also about negotiating the terms of the lease as there may well be room for this. As you’re just starting out, it’s wise not to lock yourself into a long lease, because if your restaurant were to fail (which hopefully it won’t) you don’t want to be paying for a building which you’re not using!

Security for the landlord
Just as you’re looking for security, so is your landlord and so they may well ask for additional security, for example in the form of a deposit up to one year’s rent in advance. If you were to fail paying your rent, the landlord could use this money instead and so therefore provides them with a layer of protection.

Other items for consideration
Once a new lease is granted, a tenant must pay Stamp Duty Land Tax within 30 days. It’s also worth undertaking a survey so that you can see what materials you might need to purchase to put the premises into good repair. Always make sure you factor business rates into your plan. You will also need to register your business with the council at least 28 days before you open. It comes to it,

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider if you’re thinking of taking your pop-up restaurant to the next level. However, now you’ve tested the water and are considering making this a permanent fixture, you must have some faith in your concept. Just make sure you have all areas covered and when it comes to it make sure you invest in commercial/contract grade furniture. So,why not contact us on 01452 336520 or email sales@eclipsefurniture.co.uk

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