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Restaurant furniture 21/03/2018
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The essentials of choosing the best restaurant furniture for your venue

In recent blogs, we’ve talked in abundance about how to maximise your restaurant space with the best commercial restaurant furniture in terms of space and ergonomics. We’ve touched on style and in this blog we will venture further into how to choose the best furniture for your venue to enhance your restaurant’s brand. We’ll discuss the various different styles and the types of restaurant furniture which could feature within this environment. What are you trying to achieve? You need to understand your own brand. What are you trying to achieve from... Read More

Pub furniture 21/03/2018
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How to select the best outdoor pub furniture

It’s been, what feels like, a long winter! We’ve had multiple bouts of snow and the thought of spring has felt, up until now, a long way off. However, Easter is on its way, the first daffodils are breaking through the soil and you may find you suddenly have a spring in your step. And that’s because the temperature is rising and spring/summer is on the way. So, as a pub owner it’s time to start thinking about preparing for the warmer weather and thinking about which outdoor pub furniture... Read More

Restaurant furniture 12/03/2018
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The ultimate guide to restaurant furniture this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days in any restaurant, hotel, bar or café. Couples descend in their dozens looking to spend some quality time together in their favourite eatery or watering hole. To ensure your customers have the best experience possible, have you thought about the layout of your restaurant tables and whether or not you have the most suitable restaurant furniture? Read on for our hints and tips on how to make sure your venue is Valentine’s ready

Restaurant furniture 12/03/2018
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How to maximise your restaurant space

Whether you’re a restaurant, café/coffee shop, bar or hotel (or any other hospitality venue for that matter) you will want to make the most of your real estate with the best possible restaurant furniture. With so many dining options available to customers these days, competition is fierce and so you will want to make the most out of your premises to ensure your customers are provided with the best experience possible. Your restaurant’s furniture will play a vital role in this. And of course, any restaurant owner will want their space... Read More

Pub bar stools 12/03/2018
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6 factors to consider when choosing pub bar stools for your venue

Who doesn’t enjoy going to the pub to socialise with friends and family? Whether it’s having a bite to eat, a good old fashioned pint and a chin wag or to watch the latest sporting event. However, your customers will make a conscious decision as to which pub they frequent based on a number of factors. These can include, proximity, price, staff and also setting/furniture. Believe it or not, pub furniture, including tables and seating and pub bar stools will have a huge impact on your clientele. So, we’ve put... Read More

Pub furniture 12/03/2018
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Purchase the right pub furniture to turn your patrons into regulars

The image which is congured-up when you think of your local pub……warm, inviting and a place to catch up with family and friends? Whether you favour the most modern contract furniture, or a more shabby chic aesthetic, your choice of pub furniture and ambiance has a lot to do with how patrons feel when they first come into your venue. It will also have a lasting effect on whether or not they frequent your pub on a regular basis.