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Restaurant furniture 28/08/2018
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How does comfortable contract furniture affect the dining experience?

Nowadays, all manner of commercial settings are available for potential customers to frequent, ranging from pubs and bars to cafes, coffee shops, hotels and restaurants. The offering within all of these venues is somewhat different, however, creating a memorable dining experience (for all the right reasons) depends on a variety of factors, including food, ambiance, décor and comfortable contract furniture.  

Pub furniture 13/08/2018
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Why you should use upcycled and reclaimed pub furniture for a unique venue

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your pub but just don’t have an extravagant budget to spend on extravagant décor and new furniture, it’s worth taking a look at upcycling your existing furniture as well as reclaimed pub furniture sets. Of course, there are also many styles of pub furniture you can buy which emulate this concept and actually, these don’t need to cost the earth.

Restaurant furniture 06/08/2018
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Top tips to maximise your table turnover

In the ‘causal dining’ restaurant industry, table turnover rate is tricky to master, in so far as you want to seat as many parties as possible per meal service – In fact, the aim is to turn each table around every hour and a half. However, what you don’t want is to compromise your service or make your customers feel rushed but equally, you don’t want diners staying for longer than expected as this can negatively affect the flow-rate and have a knock-on affect to your bottom line. So, in this... Read More

Restaurant furniture 01/08/2018
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Why the iconic 50’s American Diner continues to inspire restaurant design

Retro isn’t simply retro, especially in the context of restaurant design and restaurant furniture supply… Retro is modern, it’s in and it’s set to be in for the foreseeable future. This blog explores how the iconic 50s American diner continues to inspire restaurant design. From large restaurant tables to bright neon signs, there are many ways to incorporate features of this style into your restaurant. Decor trends come and go relatively quickly in the restaurant industry as peoples’ tastes change, but it appears elements of this style have far greater... Read More

Cafe furniture 24/07/2018
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A cafe or a co-working space?

An incredible 63% of UK employees work flexibly and so gone are the days of working the standard 9 – 5. Employers have smartened up to the fact that flexible working is all about work/life balance and by offering alternative solutions to their employees hours and location they can, in fact, get a great deal more from their workforce than they do from the typical 9-5 rigid office routine. At the end of the day, if an employee feels respected and worthy and able to manage their home life as... Read More

Commercial furniture 16/07/2018
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Increase the productivity of your employees by improving their lunch breaks

Would you believe that nowadays supposedly only one in five employees takes a proper lunch break? Quite an astounding statistic isn’t it when you think of all the benefits of taking a decent break in the middle of the day. So what actually makes a good lunch break and as an employer what can you do to enhance this time? The following blog aims to discuss how you can help your employees recharge their batteries, from comfortable, contemporary cafe furniture in your staff restaurant, to healthy foods and exercise!

Restaurant furniture 02/07/2018
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Top tips to improve the sustainability of your restaurant

There’s mounting pressure on all businesses to improve their sustainability. Whether that’s an office-based entity using less print, a cafe sourcing ingredients locally or an eatery using 100% recycled restaurant furniture, the fact is, sustainability should now be a top priority. Thirty years ago these considerations just weren’t a big issue, whereas now, the way a restauranteur, hotelier, café owner etc. operates their business is under real scrutiny. But how exactly can you improve the sustainability of your restaurant? As cafe, hotel, bar and restaurant furniture suppliers, we’ve seen the demand... Read More

cafe furniture 25/06/2018
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A week in the life of a cafe owner

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with the owner of one of my local venues, Danny’s cafe, to learn what running a successful café entails. And let me tell you, I was exhausted just hearing about his busy work schedule – I hadn’t realised the dedication and commitment needed and the different hats required to run such a business, day in and day out. So this blog aims to discuss all the different elements incorporated to ensure customers get fed, employees paid and café furniture supplies scrubbed to... Read More

Restaurant furniture 19/06/2018
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Why you should match your menu to your restaurant furniture

Each and every restaurant has a brand, a style and a concept. And, the winning formula for any restaurant is when all elements come together and work in harmony with one another. And so, it’s important to think clearly about what you’re trying to achieve from your restaurant (working with restaurant furniture suppliers) and who you’re trying to attract. You can then plan your setting, including décor, restaurant dining tables, other furniture and your menu, even intricacies such as staff uniform, lighting, music and much much more. So how can you match... Read More

Restaurant furniture 18/06/2018
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Is smart technology the future of your restaurant?

Technology is taking over our lives it seems, some would say for the better and some would say it’s taking the personal touch and personality out of everything we do and every environment we enter. You only need to sit on a train or walk into a coffee shop to see endless rows of smartphones in front of faces and it’s now evening becoming a huge part of restaurant, café, pub and coffee shop services and culture. Dining is a sensory experience, the environment, the music, even the comfort of your new... Read More