The inside of a hospitality venue with a wooden restaurant furniture design, tiled floor and brickwork bar 07/06/2021
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6 steps for successfully re-branding your restaurant

So, you’re thinking of re-branding your restaurant… But why? Do you feel as if your entire offering could do with a re-think or is your space feeling a little worse for wear? Whatever your motivation, it’s important you get it right and make the right decisions along the way to ensure your budget is taken care of and spent in the right areas.   From your menu to your restaurant furniture design and general interior, the following blog details the steps you should take if a re-brand is a priority for you this... Read More

Restaurant furniture 11/05/2021
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5 top tips to maximise your table turnover

In the “casual dining” restaurant industry, table turnover rate is tricky to master, in so far as you want to seat as many parties as possible per meal service.  In fact, the aim is to turn each table around every hour and a half. However, what you don’t want is to compromise your service or make your customers feel rushed or, in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions surrounding it, unsafe.   Equally, you don’t want diners staying for longer than expected as this can negatively affect the flowrate and have a knock-on effect to your bottom line.   So, in... Read More

Pub furniture 09/03/2021
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How to select the best outdoor pub furniture

Pub, anyone? As part of the government’s current roadmap out of lockdown, pubs, restaurants and other eateries will be able to open again for outdoor services on 12th April (and for indoor services on 17th May) at the very earliest.  During the first lockdown last summer, new legislation from the government allowed these venues to apply for planning permission to extend their outdoor space to the pavement; this scheme is set to remain in place until 30th September 2021.   Not only does this cost less than £100 and takes less than 10 days to finalise (which is much quicker and requires significantly less paperwork that normal), but it also means that these... Read More

outside seating 25/11/2020

Bringing the inside out: Extend your outdoor capacity with outdoor seating

The importance of providing outside seating  Over the past few weeks, hospitality venues in England (depending on their local restriction tiers) have been focussing on providing increased outdoor seating ready for when Lockdown 2.0 is lifted.   These efforts are being made to maximise the number of covers they can provide, whilst offering customers an environment they can enjoy, and where they feel safe and able to socially distance.   Whilst venues with gardens and existing alfresco dining areas have found this relatively simple to implement, others with little or no outside space are looking for creative and cost-effective ways of achieving this.  The good news is that assistance is available  Recent measures by the Government recognise that providing additional outside space can be an issue for some... Read More

Restaurant furniture 14/09/2020
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Plastic rattan furniture – The ultimate hero of outdoor furniture

Making the most of cosy evenings to come with outdoor furniture We are now launching into autumn at full speed, and as the days roll by we’re already thinking of ways to beat those inevitable winter blues and create cosy outdoor spaces until summer comes back around. Adding sofas and comfy armchairs to your outside space together with heaters and warm throws is a great way to utilise outdoor space – even when the summer has come to an end. Many restaurants, pubs, hotels and other venues are taking advantage... Read More

Hospitality industry UK 18/06/2020

How to make the most of your venue’s space and open safely this summer

As lockdown begins to ease, the hospitality industry in the UK is busy preparing to re-open venues in time to take advantage of the summer months. But with strict social distancing rules and regulations in place, if you want to make the most of the seasonal trade, it’s critical that you are able to create a social and enjoyable atmosphere whilst complying with the necessary social distancing requirements. It’s no surprise that the hospitality industry in the UK was one of the hardest hit by the lockdown measures. 48,349 pubs... Read More


7 tips for working from home

A large number of us are now working from home, and for some, this may be your first experience of remote working. Whilst some may find it quite easy to blend work and home life, others may find it a challenge to adapt to a new way or pattern of working. In order to make this experience as stress-free and effective as possible here are a few key points to consider, including how to find stylish home office furniture: Ensure you have the right equipment Along with the essential equipment... Read More

Contract furniture 17/03/2020
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Bespoke contract furniture – Our offering

First impressions count across the hospitality and service industry – That’s why it’s important to have the right contract furniture items for your establishment. Of course there are other major and critical factors including food, drink and customer service, but the overall look and feel of your restaurant, bar, pub, café or hotel plays an important role in the overall impression to the customer. , but the overall look and feel of your restaurant, bar, pub, café or hotel plays an important role in the overall impression to the customer.... Read More

Contract furniture 02/03/2020
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How your venue can make the most out of Mother’s Day

It’s not surprising that Brits love spoiling their mums. UK spending is set to top £1.6 billion this year and what better way to treat your mum than to take her for a meal out with the family. In fact, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the two busiest dates of the year. Father’s Day falls in June when there is more possibility of some sunshine, however, with Mother’s Day falling in March, it’s a far safer bet to take her to her favourite eatery. So, as a restaurant, pub,... Read More