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restaurant furniture design 12/02/2019
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6 steps for successfully re-branding your restaurant

So, you’re thinking of re-branding your restaurant… But why? Do you feel as if your entire offering could do with a re-think or is your space feeling a little worse for wear? Whatever your motivation, it’s important you get it right and make the right decisions along the way to ensure your budget is taken care of and spent in the right areas. From your menu to your restaurant furniture design and general interior. The following blog details the steps you should take if a re-brand is a priority for... Read More

Restaurant furniture 07/02/2019
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Plastic rattan furniture – The ultimate hero of outdoor furniture

We are now launching into February at full speed and as the days roll-by, Christmas feels like a lifetime ago. To beat the wintry blues, we are all thinking forwards towards warmer climes, in fact, consumers are most likely to book their spring and summer holidays in this time to ensure they have something to look forward to. And restaurants, pubs, hotels and the likes are starting to prepare their venues to ensure they have sufficient contract outdoor furniture for the summer months. Many use plastic rattan outdoors – a... Read More

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The Psychology of restaurant design revealed

The design of a restaurant doesn’t just ‘happen’. It’s a cleverly thought-out process from the shape and comfort of the restaurant chairs, to the colour of the walls and cleverly-placed lighting. A designer will go to great lengths to get the exact psychology of the restaurant right. From getting the best contract furniture to creating the perfect atmosphere, there’s a lot to think about. The briefBefore putting together the brief for a restaurant’s design, the designer will want to understand two main things, the first being the story behind the... Read More

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Meet the craziest ice bars in Europe

An ice bar, believe it or not, is an establishment made primarily of ice, including the bar, walls and seating! Somewhat different from the usual warm and comfortable restaurant and bar furniture we’re accustomed to! These bars are usually kept at temperatures of -5 and below so as they don’t melt! Ice bars in Europe take chill to a whole new level with some fantastic ice sculptures, many of which are changed annually to ensure that the interior is fresh (literally) and different. In the following article, we will showcase... Read More

Restaurant chairs 26/11/2018
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Interior design trends for 2019

As we all know, furniture can make or break a space, so choosing the right pieces is key. As 2018 comes to a close, we look at the trends to watch out for in 2019. From colours to patterns and textures, vintage restaurant furniture to contemporary designs, we will give you some hints and tips as to which materials you should opt for on your restaurant chairs. Plus, we’ll give you some pointers for wha designs will be most fitting for your wall spaces.

Restaurant furniture 21/11/2018
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There’s still time to entice customers this Christmas!

It’s excitingly close to the big day now, with just over a month to go. And so, we imagine you’re already prepared for this busy time and if not, are in full planning mode as we speak, because there’s an awful lot to think of, from menus and decoration to restaurant furniture and marketing. So read on to Find out how to update your hospitality restaurant furniture to make your venue stand out this season and pull the customers in by the sleigh-load.

Restaurant furniture 12/11/2018
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Scandi styling continues with pace

The Scandinavian interior design trend appeared on the scene here in the UK around about 5 years ago. Although 2018 has been all about bright and funky colours in both contract and domestic markets, the minimalist and chic Scandi style shows little sign of slowing down. This is quite something because trends usually come and go pretty swiftly, but this one continues to stick. And, I have to say, we love it – from rustic wood restaurant tables, contract furniture, and cosy accessories, this style is set to pervade contract and... Read More

Restaurant furniture 24/10/2018
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How to create a cosy venue and Al Fresco dining this winter

Summer is now a distant memory, however, this is a really exciting time of year with lots of events coming up, including Halloween, Bonfire night and of course Christmas! So, it’s important that you make the most of your venue, as customers will be descending in their droves and if you don’t have sufficient restaurant dining chairs, pub furniture, or bar seating, you could be missing out on ample revenue…

Restaurant furniture 10/09/2018
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The weirdest and wackiest restaurants from around the globe

All restaurants are individual in their own way and most restaurants have a unique selling point, be it their food style or presentation, their interior décor or drinks they serve. This blog aims to explore some of the weirdest and wackiest restaurants from around the globe… quite different to the restaurant furniture found here in the UK!

Cafe furniture 03/09/2018
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How to attract 4 types of cafe customer

If you own and run a café, you will undoubtedly have encountered a million different types of customers from many walks of life, cultures, countries and professions. So how do you go about targeting the right customers and making sure that they come back time and time again to ensure your coffee shop is a thriving hub? This blog aims to uncover our four top types of customer as well as giving some hints and tips on how you could go about making sure they become regulars…  from your menu... Read More