How to prepare your venue for Christmas 2021

How can Christmas nearly be upon us already?  

2021 has been and gone in the blink of an eye, and now is the time for venues to start thinking about this busy time of year – especially considering that last Christmas was such a strange time for the hospitality industry. As a result, venues up and down the country will be thinking of how they can really make their business stand out! 
Gone are the days of a Christmas tree in the corner; instead, venues will be thinking of how they can make the most of both their indoor and outdoor spaces, reaching out to contract furniture suppliers for ideas, and adorning their surroundings with tasteful decorations to make it feel as ‘Christmassy’ as possible. 

Here are four ways you can prepare your venue for the festive season 

1. Choose the best possible contract furniture 

It’s highly likely that you already have plenty of furniture in your venue. However, it could be that on the run-up to Christmas you need to purchase new or additional pieces to add to your existing collection.  
Whichever the scenario, think carefully about your requirements, and ensure you choose the right contract furniture supplier to meet those requirements!  

Firstly, it’s important to ensure you opt for contract/commercial furniture over domestic furniture – Usage in these venues will be high and you need to ensure your furniture can withstand the test of time. 

Think about your brand and how your furniture and interior design reflect this. And also think about the texture, material of your furniture and how this represents Christmas.  

When we think of this time, it conjures up thoughts of wood, a roaring fire, rich reds and greens and so on. So, you could think about wooden furniture or wooden-effect furniture to fit in with this type of styling.  

Seating should be comfortable and cosy, and you could add some faux fur throws or cushions to add a touch of Scandi elegance. 

One of our earlier blogs featured some staggering statistics on how restaurants, for example, aren’t capitalising on the potential revenue available at Christmas.  

So, it’s important to think about using your internal space wisely to ensure you can get enough diners into your restaurant with reduced waiting times and a better brand experience overall. 

Christmas is a time for family, be sure that your seating and overall experience is child-friendly, too! 

A cosy outdoor cafe at Christmas, with outdoor furniture from a contract furniture supplier

2. Select the most delightful table decorations 

Layer on bold attention-grabbing centrepieces to provide a visual focus. Try not to clutter your tables, as diners will need the space to comfortably eat and you don’t want to be moving things out of the way to ensure dishes can be placed on the table.  

Remember, good table service is also key at this time. Think about twinkling atmospheric candlelight, gleaming metallics and seasonal greenery. 

Table wear should work in contrast to your table decorations to ensure they noticeably pop and of course, no Christmas gathering would be complete without Christmas crackers at each table setting. 

The Scandinavian-inspired Christmas look proves that less really can be more and is renowned for making use of sparse sticks adorned with fairy lights and/or baubles for example.  

This can be combined with witty Christmas ornaments and the warm glow of a pillar candle. If you’re concerned about naked flames, you can get some excellent LED flickering candles now which don’t look far off the real thing. 

Embrace natural elements 

We’ve already used the example of branches, but there are many items you can utilise from nature’s playbook. You can be both adventurous and creative – and it needn’t cost the earth!  

Natural elements are classic Christmas staples and you could incorporate elements such as rosemary, cinnamon sticks, oranges, figs and wreaths to both your table and throughout your venue. Just imagine the scent this would create and the positive effect this will have on your customers.  

Of course, we mustn’t forget the Christmas tree, and depending on the size and layout of your restaurant, you might be able to feature more than just one. 

Colour combinations 

Think about your overall Christmas colour combination. How does this represent your brand and your menu even? What kind of message do you want to communicate with your customers?  

Reds and emerald greens are traditional festive colours, whereas neutrals, silvers, blues and greys can lend a gentle luxe chic touch. You should think about how this all hangs together throughout your entire venue, from your table setting to your windows, bar area, ceilings and walls. 

Of course, Christmas is all about sparkle, so it’s important to add some glitz and shine wherever you can. Using silvers and golds in your décor, even down to napkins and table wear. 

Red cafe table behind a Christmas tree, provided by a contract furniture supplier

The use of lighting 

 Lighting is especially important at Christmas time. Your customers won’t expect stark, bright lighting, but rather soft lighting including warm white fairy lights and scented candles. 

If you’re lucky enough to have usable fireplaces, then make sure they’re on – there’s something truly special about a fire or a wood burner to add extra warmth and spirit! 

3. Opt for quick delivery!

As Covid cases rise in the UK, there’s still some uncertainty over what the rest of this year will look like, especially to the hospitality industry. Will we be able to dine out as normal this Christmas?  

With this in mind, we appreciate that some businesses are delaying booking their Christmas parties and in turn, venues are delaying preparing for the Christmas period.  
All of our items are in stock and can be delivered the next day and so you can still have the peace of mind that your venue can be set for the Christmas period, even if you delay purchasing these items for the time being.  

Take a look at our website to gain an idea of the items to suit your venue and we can work with you to ensure swift delivery. 

4. Ensure everything is easy to clean

We hate to mention the pandemic again, but hygiene is extremely important in hospitality venues to ensure any spread of infection is kept to a minimum. All of our tables are easy to clean, thus ensuring to aid a germ-free environment.  

We also have a range of prevention and protection products available should you require them. 

Looking for a helping hand with contract furniture in time for Christmas?

If you would like to look at adding more contract furniture to your current collection to make sure you make the most of Christmas custom, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As renowned and experienced contract furniture suppliers, you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands throughout the Christmas period! 

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